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A lot of views, I don't think this is real


Ever since I posted an ad in the “my gigs” section, I’ve had 7,9k of views on that specific gig. I don’t believe this is right seeing the topic has been viewed just a couple of times, nowhere near 7,9k. Is this a bug/bot or is this really possible?


Yeah, my latest gig has been up one day and had 100K views.(!) This presumably means that the thumbnail appears somewhere on its category’s front page, and every time that whole page is viewed my gig gets an ‘impression’. Not something to worry about :wink:


It may all be messed up right now.

It’s also likely you’re confusing “Impressions” with views.

Impressions are every time your little thumbnail gig offer shows up somewhere.

Page views are clicks to your page to look at the gig.


Reply to @anarchofighter:

Oh, yeah I see it now. I did mess it up, sorry!


yeah i also think that must be impressions, I also have 1000 times impressions than the actual views