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A lot or impressions, not enough clicks

Hi guys!
I was wondering if you can help me out. I have a lot of impressions on this gig, but little clicks and I don’t know why. I have a good video and description and I’m getting some orders, but I think considering how many impressions I’m getting I feel like it should be a better ratio. So I was wondering if you have any suggestions on how to improve that. Thank you!



When did you start being active on Fiverr as seller?

What promotions are you using to get people to your GIGs, do you have website, are you active on social media?

Fiverr has increase in sellers by 500% starting with april 2020 so it is all about external marketing to get people to your GIG.


I started being active just before last Christmas and I’ve reached Level One Seller last week. I’m running some paid promotions on Facebook. Any other tips on promoting my gigs? Ultimately, if I promote my gig, my impressions go up but I don’t get enough clicks compared to the impressions.

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Everything depends on the need and services you are up against.

Your line of work is very specific and I do not know how many BR you see every day, that could be indicator are people searching for or need your services.

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Suggest you remove the Fiverr logo from your gig image as that is not allowed.

This may be helpful to you.: Marketing Yourself - Just Do It - Here’s How - UPYOUR


Sorry, but what is BR?


Yes, I started in December 2020.

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I’ve noticed this mentioned several times, but am wondering if just including the Fiverr logo at some point in one’s gig video is also not allowed/frowned upon. If it isn’t, there are many, many rule violators.

–BR is the Buyer Requests page.


I don’t know, I can remove it, but I also know that Fiverr gives you the option to embed their logo in ‘‘Scale your business’’, so I don’t know why having the fiverr logo in your video would be against the rules. Anyway, I’ve been checking BR but nobody posts anything about looking for drum lessons. I was just wondering if there’s anything I can do to increase my ratio of impressions and clicks.


BR stands for buyer request



Only use images, videos, audio or other content fully owned by you. The media you use may also include samples of your work.

Note: Do not use copyrighted images, otherwise your Gig will be removed. Do not provide any personal contact information in any of your media content.

The above is from here:

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There are lots and lots of gig videos that briefly flash the Fiverr logo, some of mine as well. Guess I need to make some edits and re-uploads then.

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@lloydsolutions She is a PRO seller, and they have different rules/benefits. They can put their own website in GIG photo and personal links in description.

BTW Bruna i ja se prezivam Matić :smiley: (we share same last name)

@brunamatic You are a PRO seller so different rules apply for you. Pro sellers can do things others can’t so better to ask CS about some things.

Also watching these videos could help:

And reading this (I know it has a lot but it will help)

When you make changes your rank and impression all of it is going to go down so make sure that you prepare everything in specific folders for each gig, in word files description FAQ mandatory requirements, images in jpg format with SEO data, and videos too, and then when you have everything ready change the gigs professionally. It is not recommended to change gigs often.

Utility bills photo was proof of address Fiverr asked for ID verification, profile image and each gig files in each folder, with sample files, clients brief in PDF. The organization is the key.

I updated my entire portfolio and all gigs in December, it took me 2-3 months of preparation and research.

If there is no BR regarding your services in BR section that means demand is low and you have two options, either keep doing what you do and count on the uniqueness of what you offer is going to match the uniqueness of clients needs, or check the BR in your category, check the top sellers in your category, see what is in demand and if it is up to your skills level, make GIG for that.

Haha nice, we share the same last name :slight_smile: Anyway, thanks for the help, I’ll check it out!

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