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A Major Drop in Sales

Hi Fiverr Community,

Since last September, I’ve been freelancing on Fiverr full-time. I’ve been pulling in thousands of dollars each month with my proofreading and editing gig, and I thought I was in the process of building a stable business.

Then I activated the new packages feature about a week ago. I have since gotten rid of my packages, but I am shocked by what has happened to my sales. Since Sunday, I’ve been averaging about one order a day, and my gig has been going down in the search results. In addition, I’ve been getting much less traffic than usual.

I haven’t changed my rates in months, but I am open to lowering them if need be. Does anyone have any suggestions? Have any other sellers been experiencing similar issues?


Same Here Mate. I dunno what happen here.
I still Waiting for fix it. its happen to me since November.

Yes This is happening for me and all. This is a major issue. Fiverr admins should look this post. After September,2015 and fiverr is not working well. No sales. No views, Nothing Works good. There is some techinical issue. Please fiverr team restore the site like before. Thanks.

@ghostwriter786 you’ve only been selling on Fiverr less than month. You keep posting content in the wrong categories and threads and re-posting the same or similar topics. What you’ve described here has not been happening to “all” since September '15 and the site does not need a restore. This thread is more about the recent effects of new features like packages which is a different matter.

@fonthaunt Thanks for your response.
I have posted my gigs on wrong category? By the way, Will you please suggest me categories for my gigs and keywords too for them?

I will be pleased and happy, if you do it for me. :slight_smile:

Thank You.