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A man has a website giving sellers on fiverr shady advice!

Hello fiverr. I googled how to get more sales on fiverr and I came across this website:

This person is telling people to create other accounts and buy their OWN GIGS SO IT APPEARS THAT THEY HAVE POSITVE RATINGS!!!

He is also telling people to pretend they are good looking females to get people to click on their gigs. In other words he is telling them to pretend that they are someone their not!!!

This has got to be against fiverr policy. Please tell me that this is not aloud on fiverr!

I’m sorry but this just got me soooo aggravated because here us sellers are trying to climb our way up to the top by being honest and providing an honest service, and there are people out there giving advice to basiccly cheat their way to the top.

Should I contact support and tell them this guy is doing this?

This is not a practice supported by Fiverr. If you come across suspicious Gigs, please report them to our support team for review.

Yeah unfortunately there are many people on the internet that give that advice. They will tell you to buy your own gig, fake traffic to your gig by buying robot traffic etc. I’ve found many of these as I’ve searched about this topic on the web as well.

The guy I was reading about that said the above things, had apparently done all those things and gotten success. It’s a bit sad that it happens that way as you say, when so many people are trying hard without cheating, but it seem to be a unfortunate reality on the web.

May communities come across these things and after a while, when it becomes more problematic, they’ll start working on their systems to better detect robot traffic and other “fake” things that happens on their websites.

Perhaps @natalieab or someone else in the team can gives us more insight on this matter. Like if there’s a system to help prevent fake buys and robot traffic for example.

There are lots of things in the world where people give marketing advice that is very shady. Yes, it is wrong to create another account, but Fiverr is not responsible for anything off of Fiverr. You can write to Customer Service to let them know but I do not think there is much they would do. this is the problem with the internet in general, anyone can say anything whether it’s true or not.

Yes so true @sincere18.

Reply to @dashingcovers: buying robot traffic won’t get you any real buyers…i guess it helps in google search ranking ?

Reply to @inspiredtony: I believe he was saying that it would increase the visibility for his gig in Fiverr, and therefore he was recommending it. That the traffic is a part of ranking in Fiverr I suppose.
I believe I’ve seen recommendations on Fiverr to share your gigs in social media and things because it brings traffic to your gig, not sure if that’s what he picked up on.

Ah yes that’s right, it was in the “promote your gig” section. It says: “CREATE YOUR BADGE
Boost the traffic to your Gigs by embedding this seller badge on your website or blog

I hope I clarified what I meant :slight_smile: