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A matter to take to the Customer Service?

So, a buyer just orders my gig and gives a whole long list of details and specifications of what they want done for an illustration. They only pay $5 but expect the finished sample, drawn and coloured according to specifications. What’s more, they say this is a big opportunity once my illustration is chosen so basically, they’re ordering days worth of my time for $5, and saying if they choose me among other illustrators, they’ll give me the contract.

AND they want me to contact someone OUTSIDE of fiverr and not the person who sent me the order… What should I do?? Any help would be appreciated. I don’t want to tell them my concerns and they cancel the order and my ratings go down just because of this…

I DID tell them that $5 is for the sketch but they said that won’t work…

Initiate a mutual cancellation… it won’t affect your ratings. If they refuse, contact customer service.

Reply to @blackfolder1: Thanks for your comment.

How do I contact customer service?

Reply to @madmoo: Thank you so much for your help. Can you advise which is better/faster? I don’t want to spend weeks waiting for a reply from CS, and I’d rather they understand the situation before anything else happens.

Reply to @madmoo: Also, if I cancel the order through CS will my cancellation rate go up?

Reply to @madmoo: Thanks so very much for your help. I will do as you say.

Okay. Thank you.

I only wish my cancellation rate wouldn’t go up, even if it doesn’t affect my ratings. I still see them… -_-