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A mere suggestion to DEVs about the note feature from a fiverr Seller

Hey,devs(if you’re reading this). I really appreciate you guys for adding the ‘Note’ feature on the order page, this helped me a lot. To be frank I stopped buying sticky notes LOL.
However, one thing about this feature which is a bit uncomfortable is the user always has to scroll to the top to read or edit the note. It’d be very cool and UX will be a bit easy if the note would be a floating div (may be like a modal box) when the user scrolls the page up or down. There is an empty space on the right side of the order page, I guess it can be utilised for this purpose or maybe use it solely for ‘Note’ tab.

Please check the attached mockup picture for better understanding.


@fonthaunt maybe check this admin?

There is nothing here for me to check and no need to try to attract my attention to posts. If your post was placed here in error, I can remove it for you. Otherwise, you need to leave it alone and perhaps staff will see it or perhaps not.