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A message reviewed by Trust and Safety

Thank you! I received all useful comments and advice.


I think, that everything will be ok, because you didn’t offer him to work outside, or you didn’t text anything wrong.
One of my messages was reviewed by trust and safety, when I’ve got a message where a man wanted “to buy” my Upwork account, and I replied probably not very polite, but honestly. And I saw a message with red text, that it was reviewed. It was few months ago, but everything is still ok, because I never broke the ToS

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The check was most probably triggered by that phrase. It won’t cause issues as they’ll see you used it in a “harmless context” and not to get contact or payment outside of Fiverr. Avoid that phrase to not have your messages to customers hover in the ether for up to 24 hours but I wouldn’t worry about Fiverr here. That customer, on the other hand, might become an issue, the last sentence is worded weirdly but sounds as if they’d want to get you off-Fiverr, and seem generally a bit more curious than warranted.


It was probably flagged because you said “outside of Fiverr” and “money”.
It should be approved if you didn’t do anything wrong (weren’t asking to contact outside Fiverr etc.).


Thank you for your reply. However this client still keeps writing me stuff like: “What are you studying?” etc. Others have asked me this before since they see I am young. However I find this a little bit too much, because I try to keep my conversations professional and in the end we are not in Instagram or Facebook to chat about my personal life…
I just don’t know how to get out of situations like this.

Thank you. I actually sent him a second message, since the first one was flagged automatically. And I tried to explain myself better avoiding the “out of fiverr” phrase and I also explained him that I’d be glad if he advice my services to friends and that if they want to purchase from me, all the communication must go through the platform.

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Very unusual situation - looks like this buyer is going to offer you something, that is not legal, or some service, that will break rules or anything like this, because everyone clearly understands, that Fiverr is a platform for work, not a social media.
I had similar situation, when “buyer” (who never ordered anything on Fiverr) asked a lot of questions about my income, about lifestyle, and than “Invited” me to work for his “company” that is doing totally illegal business

Thank you, I’ll keep that in mind!

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Even though you didn’t technically break the ToS, in the future I’d try to curb any ToS flags by responding to a message like this with something like “Thank you for your kind offer but I cannot provide that type of information.” Better safe than sorry in my opinion.


My advice might not work since it seems you’re using your real name and an image of yourself, but I kind of just cut off anyone trying to get more information, I only share whatever I already have in my bio and plainly repeat the same thing. People usually get the hint.

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I’ve heard many discussions about this.

At the beginning I didn’t think about possible consequences and I tried to be more professional by providing real information about me, since it’s related to work. However now even if I wanted to, it’s not possible to change the name.

If people are getting really intrusive, it’s also okay to simply ignore what you don’t want to answer and just pick up and talk about things related to their order. But Gwyneth’s reply seems perfect if you want to reply something, polite, yet the “cannot” should be enough to make them stop, and brief too, no shilly-shallying.

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Other than closing the account and creating a new one (if you have permission from CS I think).

I use my real name too and have no issues