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A Micro-niche Website Gig: Will It Work?

Hey guys,

I am trying to relaunch my Fiverr career and here’s a gig that I created 2 days ago.

It has a few views but I am not sure whether it will work. Can you guys check it out and just let me know if I got it correct? I used to be Level 2 but that was 2 years ago and I am not entirely sure whether Fiverr still works the same way. Would love to hear from you guys.


Holy Cow! Ok, where do I begin…

  1. How old are you?

    If that’s a picture of you, you look… 15?

    The reason I ask is because some of the things you’ve done here are PURE GENIUS.

    As a Marketing Expert, I’m just surprised that a 15-year old is smarter than 90% of the adult sellers on Fiverr!


  2. Ok, I’ll start with the item I LOVE BEST.

    I love the way you got around the "You’re not Level 1 yet, so you cannot offer Extras."

    Warning: A lot of buyers are too stupid to read the Gig Description first. So you should make sure EVERY buyer knows about your Extras (and the limits of what you are offering for one $5 gig) - by explaining it to them as early as possible in the ordering process.

  3. The line I LOVE BEST.

    “I say its utter crap”


    And by the way - you’re right. :wink:

  4. I can usually tell:

    a) When a seller has NO CLUE how to be a Success, because their Gig descriptions are so poorly-written AND their “sales pitch” is a disaster!

    b) When a seller is “South Asian”, because their grammar is wrong, and in a way typical of people from that region.

    Your Gig description is a work of art! :open_mouth:

    Great pitch. Great prioritizing (i.e. most important items first, least important last).

    And near-PERFECT grammar.

  5. So in conclusion, I can only say…



Reply to @regency85: Well, I guess I need to update my pic. :stuck_out_tongue: I am 23 but that is an image that was taken 2 years ago when I joined Fiverr. Also, I look younger than my real age.

Thanks for the feedback! Now I really hope I can get some clients to kickstart my gig. Creating a video right now. Maybe you can take a look at that too in a couple of hours after the editing and voice over is completed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a bunch once again!

I don’t see any video?

But you should first post a video on your best offering - the NEW gig. :slight_smile: