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A minimum completion rate of 70% is required to continue?


I’m trying to start a new gig, but every time I try, it never let’s me complete it because it says I need to provide my education and certificate details, which I don’t have. Is a college degree and a certificate now required to sell on fiverr??


A degree is certainly not required, but if you claim you have one, Fiverr can ask for verification of that.

What’s your question about completion rate?


Hi, Wooden_fish, I’m having a similar problem here where my completion rate is stuck at 65% and there’s nothing I can do to get it to 70%, It wont let me click the ‘connect’ button to link any accounts and I like mickmick93 have no college degrees or certificates as such so I have no way to reach 70%.


You’re either going to have to get more orders or wait until the cancellations pass.