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A Monday With No Orders... And No Fears!

This week started slow. Normally I would have a few new orders by night-time on Monday. I decided to complete the last order from this weekend on Sunday, so I was sitting here with very little to do. As a workaholic, having no tasks to complete can be frustrating.

I finished my shift at the restaurant I work at around 5 pm, got home, took a shower, and was happy to find a message from a local client who needed a website done ASAP in my inbox. Finally - something to do! I did the meeting with the client at 7 pm, got home around 8 pm, and finished about 80% of the website within the hour. I do love the minimalist clients!

Now I’m ready for some dinner before I’ll get started on the preparations for a new gig I’m planning to launch this week, and maybe I’ll squeeze in an episode of season 11 of The X-Files before bedtime.

So the day wasn’t too bad, even though I didn’t get any orders here on Fiverr. Let’s hope tomorrow will be the Fiverr-day of the week. The orders seem to all come in at the same time - have you noticed?

How was your day?


After reading this post I decided to check the analytics for the past 3 years and not so surprisingly October has always been a slow month for me, second to only February. The only reason I have something to do today is cause of some regulars.

Just woke up, it could either be a great day or be another Monday.

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This October has been so dead I had to turn on my fast delivery extra (it helps with the sales a bit). Which is the decision I’m going to regret in a week.

On the flip side, I started to paint again. Just one of those things I never have time for. I drew some planets and spaceships today and it was nice. When you work in digital all the time, you kind of forget how interactive and awesome the actual, live textures and colors are.


It’s time to give my gigs a gravestone!
“Ye’ was once a thriving seller here…”
R.I.P GIGS - 2018-2019…:coffin:

Just in time for Fiverrween :jack_o_lantern::spider_web::spider::skull:

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