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A month account no order

Hello successful people,More than a month now have being on my account and i have no order, My gig is also at second page no order since one week ago, Please my people what can i do to it.


So is it a month or a week ago??

Don’t expect to get orders fast, especially if you are on a crowded and a very competitive category. And think smart on how to get some attention to your Gig.


Hope you will get an order soon.Be patience & Wish you all the best :heart:

I’m also not getting orders. Hopefully everything will be alright

Don’t upset, you will get order soon. I got order after 24 days later.

I had rather same experience…
It is normal thing if you want to grow in Fiverr…

I would rather be patient and give your best services all time…
-Best Regards