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A month has gone by. Order still not completed

Paid $666.00 a month ago for a logo, packaging design and label template. I was so excited working with this seller as she was rated highly and I Ioved her work. Received the logo in a timely manner, but stupidly I accepted the order before it was completed. I mistakenly assumed that I would get the logo file if I accepted the order. Now that the seller has been paid I’ve hardly heard from her, the design that I have received has been shoddy, and I have to message constantly in order to get any type of reply. I feel like I’ve been scammed and want to at least get a partial refund and move on to someone else. So disappointed.


Because you completed the order on your own before it was actually done, the fault is on you. I know it sucks because you didn’t get what you were hoping for, but all you can do now is talk to the seller and see if there’s anything the two of you can do to help you get what you were hoping for.

In this case, you were not scammed because the seller didn’t do anything wrong. If, however, you asked for a modification before it was completed and then the order auto-completed after no edits were made, then perhaps it would be more of a “scam”.

I hope you and the seller come to a consensus and you are able to find some closure in this situation. I wish you the best!


You overpaid. You can find amazing talent under $100.

If you need three things, hire three sellers, or hire the same seller three times.

If the logo wasn’t delivered, CS should be able to refund the order. There are no partial refunds on Fiverr. You either get everything or nothing.

I’m sorry this happened to you. Everyone should learn from your experience, paying more doesn’t mean getting more.

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So you thought you’d get the logo, packaging design and label template as separate submissions, even though you ordered them as a package? Instead, you should have waited until you got all three before marking the gig as completed. But, if the logo was shoddy, why would you want the file before arranging for a revision?

I’m sorry. I know my questions are probably not helping. Your experience is a lesson for all of us, at least for me. I agree with those who say you should continue to contact the seller and appeal to her ethical nature. Surely as a highly-rated seller she will want to work it out with you. I hope so.

Good luck to you. Take care.

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Have you messaged Fiverr CS? They are usually pretty helpful in these matters. I’d say you should report the seller for scamming and explain in detail with screenshots as to what was agreed upon and what was delivered.

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Well considering that every graphic designer that I received a quote
from (and I worked with A LOT, although not through Fivver) was well
over $1000, I was ok with $666.00. She was to not only design my logo,
but design three intricate styles of coffee bags, as well as templates
for labels. I went back and forth with her to decide if she was able
to do the job adequately. After looking at her work I felt like she
was fully qualified. I still do, but do not think that she wants to
complete the task.
Yes, I should have hired her three times for three different projects.
Live and learn.
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Working on it and kicking myself in the meantime. I figure I’ll have
to pester the seller continuously in order to receive what I want.
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You can also find amazing talent over $100, if you do your seller research first. :wink:

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Yes I realixze now that I should have waited until I received all
three. Again, I mistakenly thought that in order to receive the logo
file after it was completed, I needed to accept the order. The logo
was not shoddy, it was great. The bag designs however have been shoddy.
I’m going to keep pushing the seller until I receive what I paid for.
Thanks for your response
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The seller didn’t scam though…she did her job…
Put some money on the table in your messages to her @gratefulgourmet. Then maybe you’ll get at least a response. :grinning::rofl::money_mouth_face:

Simply seach logo design, eliminate the pro results because most of them are WAY to expensive. Then you have your options. You can even order 3 different orders of

From different sellers.

This is your opinion, and not a reasonable course of action for everyone. Just because you think some Fiverr services have high prices, does not mean that they are unreasonably high prices. Many real-world services cost 100 times the prices here on Fiverr, and they are popular services at those prices.

We live in a capitalist global economy. Any service provider can charge whatever they wish, and they will be successful at those prices if buyers wish to pay those prices.


You are correct, but you can get a great logo for 100 bucks, even for 50 dollars…:grinning:

I’ve used Fivver for a dozen projects so I know what the going rate
is. However, for something as intricate as the packaging designs that
I wanted, I know what the charge is. I’ve dealt with sellers who
promise “amazing” work for $20 and have been disappointed one to many
times. I also researched the sellers at depth and continuously came
back to the one that I used. This is after getting quotes from outside
graphic designers which never charged under $600.00.
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Well, I guess you’re right…but maybe there was a cheaper, good-quality option? It doesn’t matter anyway…know all you can do is contact support or say you’ll pay for some revisions in order to get a response from the seller.

Sure, you probably can… but it would be a logo from someone who is likely extremely undervaluing their professional design skills. I, myself am a trained graphics artist… Before I joined Fiverr, my lowest-priced logo design package was $300. They went up in price from there. And even then, I was on the low end of the pricing scale in the professional logo design industry.

I still have prices like that for much of my other client work, and people still pay it – because I have the reputation, skills, and experience to prove that I am worth those prices.

Just because you can sell things cheap, doesn’t mean that you should. You don’t make a long-term livable profit by being cheap and undervaluing your work.

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Thank you man! I will follow your advice…have a great day!

You can, but as the advertising cliche goes, “why pay more?”

If I’m booking a cruise, I’ll pay more for a suite because I’ll be getting a bathtub, more space, maybe VIP treatment. When you pay more for a logo, you just get a logo, and not necessarily a great logo or a better logo.

Besides, I’m not impressed by pricing, I’m impressed by queue. The longer the queue, the more impressed I am.


I can see that point of view, why you would think that. How’s it going? Gotten a resolution yet?