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A month on fiverr and no orders yet


what I have to do to get an order? … I’ve improved my gig … every day I get high impression … and I promote my service on Facebook, G+, Pinterest.


try on buyer request.


You will get your first order soon.


daily send 10 buyer request and keep patient :slightly_smiling_face:


is it available to create post a request on buyer request … or do yo mean send request to the buyer in my contact list


Are you connected to the people who absolutely need your services on social media? Or are those just your friends? Your friends are not your customers. Promote where your customers are located. And if you don’t know where that is yet, then you have some serious research to do. There are no easy ways to gain customers. You are going to have to do a lot of research, a lot of planning, and step outside your comfort zone.

You are a freelancer. You are running a business. Do what a business person does.


Don’t worry! I am the same way now and you just have to be patient and really check fiverr every single day. Reply to buyer requests as well, use the 10 replies a day to help buyers know what you have to offer. I hope the best for you and your business!


Why would I worry? …


Can you please tell whats location promote fiverr gig without Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest.
I have not idea about it.


Where do you think you might find the target customers who need your services? Once you know this (yes, research will be necessary), go to those places and convince those customers to hire you.


I target buyer in European countries. But how can I share my gig with them and get order without Facebook,Twitter,G+


You are going to have to do some research to figure that out. There are no easy answers, or easy ways to get customers. And there are, most definitely, no easy roads to success. If you are expecting instant sales just because you have a gig, you are likely to fail quickly.

Figure out who your customers are, and find ways to connect with them. Once your customers know who you are, they are likely to hire you to solve their problems.


what is “the 10 replies a day to help buyers know what you have to offer” ?


no, I don’t promote my gig for my friends I know who is my target audience … and SEARCH for their groups and pages and promote my gig there


That means under your buyer requests, respond to the max amount fiverr gives you which is ten offers that you can send back.


If you know your target audience, and where to find them, then why were you asking us: “what I have to do to get an order?” You, by your own admission, should already know the answer to your question. You already know how to “get an order”.


try to write effective cover letter.


I send it also but fiver blocked my Ist account :thinking: