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Never try to sell gigs that are too much attractive. Once I saw a gig “10000 backlinks in 1 Hour”. I just clicked to see what the person is selling and then I saw the ratings and the comments. Well the seller did provide huge number of backlinks but they were all of low quality. So because of such non-sense gigs, your profile can be filled with negative ratings and reviews. So try not to sell such gigs that can destroy your Fiverr profile and then you will have to create a new account.

I also did the same mistake once. The gig was “I will setup your template on Blogspot blog”. I just got one order but that order became a mess when it took so long to fix one bug in the template. At that time, I was not familiar with HTML and CSS. But this gig can get even worse when you are providing the person with a free template and are not able to fix an issue. So never try to sell gigs about which you have no knowledge.

So since now you know what you can sell, we can head over to the next section about creating gigs.

Creating gigs that sell on Fiverr

Fiverr Strategy Guide for Beginners


The first and the most important things you need to know are about the title. Make your titles short and attractive. You can use 1 word with capital letters. So just use your brain here and see what keyword you want to highlight on your Fiverr gig.


When I created my first gig, the description was very long. This is not good as the buyers want everything explained to them in detail but in short. What type of description would you want to read when you buy gig? The answer is simple. Make descriptions short and explain everything to them in a short way.

Do not add other matters that are not related to the gig. Also make your important keywords bold and highlight text wherever necessary. If you are thinking to highlight text, don’t make your description fancy with different so much bold text and underlined words.


It is recommended by Fiverr to add a video to your Fiverr gig. It is a very important factor to get buyers for your gig. This is true because if your gig is something serious, then the buyers are also serious. There are some buyers on Fiverr who use their money very carefully. So if they watch a 60 second video of yours saying what you are selling and some features of the gig, the buyers will order your gig in comparison to those without the video. If you are camera shy or you do not want to speak in front of the camera then just make a 60 second video with a movie maker. Just add a soft music and make some slides or pictures stating about your gig.

Picture and Portfolio

Just upload relevant pictures about your gig. Create your own picture using paint or other simple software. Don’t even think to use Photoshop for a minute job of creating an image. Also upload some other pictures of your work you will do. Your portfolio is very important for buyers. So if they want a logo which you are providing but haven’t uploaded any projects, then the buyer will never turn back. Never copy others image and upload it as yours. Use google images to search for relevant pictures of your gigs and then turn on the label rights filter.


Use tags that are relevant to your gig. Do not use unnecessary tags for your gig. Your gig can be deleted because Fiverr will consider it as spamming. Also your Fiverr gig will be shown in such places where it is not required and as a result you will get no orders.

Getting more orders on your gig

Here comes the part of promotion. You can create a personal YouTube channel to promote your Fiverr gigs. Many people get flooded with orders by creating a blog about their services and promoting it. But the most helpful part is social media. Create a fan page on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and other social media websites to promote your gigs. Join Fiverr groups and promote your gig. But maintain a limit of your promotion because Fiverr can delete your gig anytime. This happened to many people and you can read on Fiverr forums about such cases. Got money on Fiverr? Then just buy some authentic traffic for your gig.

Tips to maintain the flow of Income

So if you are getting orders then it is necessary to maintain your income. You should continue getting more orders. By this way you can earn passive income by Fiverr. Some tips of doing this are –

Conversation with buyers

It is always important to be kind to your buyers and having a good conversation. Never use false language or talk rudely to your customers. If your buyers are happy with your service, they can come back again with more orders or refer your gigs to other people also.

Maintain your gigs

If your gig is selling good and you have added some gig extras, then do not make any changes to your rates. If you are thinking that buyers love your gig and increasing the price of your gig extras (if any) will help you, then you are wrong. Just keep in mind that you are not the only one who is selling on Fiverr. There are people better than you or people who can be better than you if you do some silly mistakes.

Creating New gigs

Just never get stuck at limited number of gigs. Expand your gigs and create different revisions of your gig by giving much more to your buyers.


If you are getting orders by promoting your gigs, then don’t stop promoting them. It is very helpful because as your social media presence increases, you will get much more orders. Also ask your customers to leave a positive feedback if they liked your gig.

A Trick that can make you rich

Well this has now become very common, but still you can earn huge piles of money by using this trick. It’s just selling PLR products. Make gigs like:-

Fiverr Strategy Guide for Beginners

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