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A must-have gadget for Fiverr Illustrators!


Attn: @zeus777
Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 16

(For those who can afford it)


Messed around with one that was on display recently then i saw the price, was 3770 euros, that about 3995 dollars.
Does seem a bit much for something that doesn’t really make the work process any faster or better, just more comfortable.


Just like the $4100 Microsoft Surface Studio :slight_smile:


Getting one for fiverr work would be kindof like a pizza delivery guy driving a Ferrari with a pizza box trailer.


This could come in handy for illustrators dealing in high volume custom design work.

You are basically paying for convenience, instead of lugging around your wacom pad, now it includes a built in display!


EWW, I’m soo pooor , :smiley: I’m planning to add an SSD with my desktop.


Yeah for those on the move it sure would be convenient. Personally i have been working on building a homemade cintiq copy from a drawing tablet and a laptop display (budget 150€).


I personally prefer my iPad pro+pen+airserver combo.

Does pretty much the same job, but I get a lot more use out of it, since I can take it with me as a tablet.

(can’t do the same thing with a cintiq or the wacom one)

But then again I am a motion designer who sucks at drawing.

I just need it for beziers, quick shapes, lines, trajectories and such. :slight_smile:


…hopefully I can afford it…maybe by the end of this year, hahahaha