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A need for buyer's request correction after being sent!

Well, this is just a suggestion which I believe will help both sellers and Fiverr Digital Marketplace all together.

Recently, I just realised that there might be a need for Fiverr to create a space for a review button of sent proposal in the buyer’s request.

What I mean is that, after we have sent out our buyer’s request, there should be room for us to retrieve what we have sent just in case a new idea came to us after we have sent it.

This idea came to me just few days ago after I sent a buyer’s request and after some hours, I read something online which was directly relating to the work I sent a request for and there was need for me to update the proposal which was impossible because after you have sent the initial buyer’s request, you can’t retrieve it.

This is why I decided to bring it the forum for more deliberation and hopefully CS will see our contribution and look into it.

What do you think guys?

Edits from the buyer end or seller? (The request, the offers, or both?)

It’s an interesting Idea, but (like a great many things on this platform) it’d likely be abused. Even making edits here in the forums are limited and restricted.


For the offers sent out.

Now that you are here, how is sales on your side?

For sake of clarity: the buyers make Requests for projects they want done, and the sellers make Offers to work on those requests. (The terminology on this platform is a headache.)

Do you mean my personal sales? Sales where I’m located? Sales in my gig categories? I’m going to assume the first, in which case: you’ve more than I do.

Lol, the terminologies on this platform is a headache. Well, we will get better as we grow.

I meant general sales on your gig category. Sales have been very slow on my end, I don’t know if clients don’t want to come back from holidays or what.

And both personal sales.