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A New Account is Not Meant Inexperienced Sealer

Okay, A New account is not meant that he/she is a new sealer or fiverr. . i know 3 friends thous had account with 300+ reviews. but due to some fiverr restrictions they were blocked. so then the need to open 3 new account, aren’t they? SO it’s clearly they are not inexperienced. So new member should always welcome.

they are also impotent that, a new comer always aware there work quality. they want to serve the batter they have. Always looking for Satisfy buyer.

So your “friends” are experienced in breaking the rules so severely they were blocked. They were not experienced enough to read the Terms of Service. I think there are rare occasions when a new account is for a good reason. Most of the time, I would have less trust in a seller who had been banned and is at level 0 than a brand new seller.

I’m more concerned by the fact you said your “friends” are impotent and keep getting banned.