A new beginning (Introduction)



My name is Carlos and it’s a pleasure to meet you :slight_smile:
I will be around here doing some artistic and Online marketing Gigs :wink:

Hope you have a great day!


Welcome Carlos to the Fiverr Community.
Good luck with your gigs!


Thanks :blush: Serban95


Welcome to the Forum!

I’m new also and a Graphic Designer. :slight_smile:

Good luck to you!


Let´s do a great job around here ;D


Welcome bro and Good Luck .


Hello and welcome, Carlos!

Your gig looks nice, I noticed you only used 2 of 3 possible gig images and 3 of 5 possible keywords, use them all! :slight_smile:

Good luck.


Thanks :smiley: Bro, I´ll do my best!


Hi Miiila :slight_smile:

I will scan some so pics today so I can update the Gigs :slight_smile: and I´m learning about keywords around here, not sure which ones are more useful, thanks for the tips :sunny: I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

and have a great day :wink:


You can look at some of the successful gigs of people who offer similar things to you, you can see the keywords they use, when you scroll down, under the reviews, and then try your best guess on the best combination for your specific gig.
It might be a bit of trial and error to find out what works best for your gigs.
Note though that your gig probably will dissappear from search for a bit when you make updates, because fiverr has to re-check if the updates you made are okay, so you might want to make updates ‘in batches’ like upload new images and add F.A.Q. or correct a typo or whatever you may have, at the same time.
Thanks, you too. :slight_smile:


Yeah just noticed that my gig dissapeared, haha gotta take notes about this, thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Miiila,

Please tell me if my GIGs is going well but i update my gig like(change picture/video, description, price) this will effect my GIG ratings after rechecking fiverr team or not ?? i heard someone if i update my GIG so gig rating is down and my gigs shown on 8th 9th page.

Waiting for your response.



Hi Owais,

sorry, but I don´t know anything either, I´m just a seller like you, no fiverr staff. This:

is exactly the only thing I can tell you as well. I heard. Some people say it does affect their gigs negatively, some say it affects their gigs positively. I fear the only way to get a definitive answer is to ask Customer Support (and I don´t know if or what they will tell you) or to try it out for yourself.

For myself, I didn´t notice any real effect on my gigs when I changed something, other than that they dropped out of search for a while, which makes sense if the fiverr team has to check if they are still okay after the update.
Your mileage may vary.
I do not know if your gigs’ rating may go down. I don´t know what changes the people who say their rating went down made, so it might have been the making changes itself but also it might have simply been that the changes they made, maybe different keywords, made their gigs perform worse. I don´t know.

What I don´t do anymore after reading all the things is that I don´t change things randomly whenever something pops up in my mind, which I did earlier on, but ‘collect’ changes I want to make, the thing I told Carlos already, so I don´t have to make too many changes, take the risk of dropping out of search or ranking lower too often.

Good luck either way!



Thanks so much miiila!

I don´t have to make too many changes too. I asked fiverr staff but he didn’t answered me properly that’s why i asked you.
Thanks again for your response :blush:

Best of Luck


Yes, that’s a problem sometimes. :wink:

You´re welcome.