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A New feature available in fiverr dashboard

Today some time ago, I have visited my Fiverr dashboard and I see a brand new update in my dashboard. This update is now last 5 Fiverr conversations was showed in my dashboard.

It looks cool. Also, I think this update will be helpful for every Fiverr sellers.

I feel surprised to see it.

Do it available in your dashboard?
What is your opinion about these features update?


that’s all worthless and time waste!! - this is my opinion and others may not agree to me!!


Unfortunately I have to agree. It’s a bit redundant to have it on top and also below, if the feature showed up on the side of every window (as a bubble icon that expands when clicked) and allowed me to reply within that window then it would be worth it. At present though, it doesn’t really serve any purpose that I can see except as a reminder that “Hey you have messages that you haven’t replied to” except, that’s what the little ‘pink dot’ on the messages button on the top is for. Maybe they might develop it more? Who knows.


It’s cool. I think this features update is good.

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I am agree with you in this point.

They have also changed gig layouts. Now packages are below descriptions with the price boxes right above ads for (often) cheaper competitors.

This might not b new. However, I just realized it the other day.


Why does the purchase button say “continue”? I think this would be better:


Here is our “buy” button:


Oh look I can get the same for one tenth the price! Thank you fiverr for saving me from buying the expensive one!


This is so unnecessary.


Because the next page isn’t the shopping cart or checkout page.


@humanissocial I did all my arguing last night, sorry.


Just telling you why. Take care.

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I am trying really hard to wrap my head around this, but I can’t seem to find the logic in advertising other peoples gigs on our gig pages, regardless of the pricing… but especially since they’re almost always gigs that are a tenth of what I charge.

How is anyone OK with this?

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Perhaps this is Fiverr’s way of encouraging sellers to offer better services or pricing formats than their competitors. If your gig looks better and more appealing than the other gigs shown on your gig, then you don’t have much to worry about.

The logic would be that it gets sales, but it’s certainly not the right move for Fiverr’s business if they want to attract and retain reputable sellers. This deters us, plus they are drawing attention to poor quality things just because they are cheap.

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Very cool! Sadly does not affect me. I haven’t used dashboard since it a few years ago didn’t show some orders that were placed. So it’s just manage orders page since then for me, as I would recommend for everyone else who doesn’t want to see surprise late orders

I was wondering how that looks for gigs without the 3-tier option and as I have one of those, I checked.
The good thing is that you don’t have the “Compare Packages” button, so buyers who, as we know ;), often don’t like to read/scroll a lot, may not scroll down to see the competitor’s gigs in that case.

The competing gigs in this case appear right below your profile text, however, which isn’t so good, might even make buyers think it’s your gigs in some cases, I suppose, and the box in which you can order gig extras, does appear below the competing gigs.

So … 1-tired gigs maybe aren’t the solution either.


This was my first thought when noticed this ages ago.


Your gig was good enough to make them click on it, read down through it, and then they might even be convinced to buy it BUT…

oh look there is something I want to look at ---- all thoughts of buying the gig they clicked on are forgotton as they click to the next gig.


Not a good feature, it is already there. Instead of this, they would improve the inbox system, it keeps uploading large files again and again. Wastage of time and data…

Then, I upload to google drive and the put the link the message.