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A new feature called "Search by GIG Video"

Hey guys,

"Did you know that sellers who present their services in a video sell 220% more?"

That’s how the Fiverr said since 2012. By the way, in today I don’t think its valid and a video presentation will not get that much success(based on my own experience). So there is a solution… and valuable feature for sellers to get more attention on their gigs and make more sells.

I think Fiverr should introduce a feature called “Search by GIG Video” in gig search.
What are your thoughts on this?


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Hmm, not sure. It’s a good idea, but sounds a bit unprofessional. Maybe it should not be “Search by GIG Video”, but something else. You can contact support and explain your idea to them.

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Of course, the name can be any… we just need that feature.

Or it could be a filter ‘Gigs with video’


I think the idea of “filter gigs with video” will be a better option

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Yeah!! that’s good…

Yes, is there a way to forward this to Fiverr developer?