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A New Feature Idea that Fiverr should implement

Hey, I have a great idea for an extra that can be added by Fiverr team.

Fast Delivery - no it’s not about the current extra fast delivery :slight_smile:

So what is this about:

Let’s say that my gig has delivery time 7 days.
I did this in only 2 days and I uploaded my final work to the buyer - here can be added a button - SEE FINAL WORK FASTER for $5
if the buyer not want to pay, then he should wait until I deliver final work.

What you think?

This is a good idea, i often deliver says before the deadline, sometimes even weeks before. It might not work for everyone though so the feature should have an on off button.

Well, that’s cute. I like it.

I’m not sure how what you’re talking about is different from them paying for faster delivery in general. Do you mean instead of it only being an extra they can purchase up front, it can also be something they purchase in the middle of the order if you send only a preview and not the final order itself? If you already have the final delivery ready to give them earlier than the deadline, why wouldn’t you just give it to them? I think I don’t understand.

But it did give me an idea for another feature. I think our accounts show buyers our average delivery time. It might be a nice boost if there was a “quick delivery” badge that displays on a gig if you deliver a certain percentage of orders a certain average of time below the delivery time stated, if that makes sense. Or not.

This sounds like one of those large companies that deliberately waits five days to ship, to get us to pay for “rush” shipping (where “rush” simply means not artificially waiting). I would never click on such a button.

If the job normally takes seven days and happened to take only two because of fortunate circumstances, that’s a lucky customer. Share the good fortune and hope for a tip.

If the job normally takes two and you say seven so that you can seem speedy when you deliver in only two … that’s a bit dubious IMO. It’s like you’re holding the work hostage for a higher fee.

Just my HO.