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A new feature with a new bug?


I noticed a new feature with a bug. This order was delivered, and is not active, but has a little timer showing it’s late, which is incorrect:


It says it’s an “active” order but it’s not active since it was delivered on time. The timer is continuing to count.

It’s confused since once an order is delivered it is not active but moves to the list of delivered orders.

Delivered orders don’t need a timer, yet the others that have been delivered also have timers, just ones that don’t say “late”. One timer is for 3 days and 3 hours on a delivered order of mine. No idea what that means.


The Orders which are not completed are considered “Active” and i can see that fiverr has marked it “Delivered” so i think thats clear, as long as the Timer is concerned,it work that way but the “Late” words should be replaced with a suitable word.


Delivered orders are not active, and that one was delivered.


Don’t worry about that. It’s just a bug. It is not going to effect any profile area. Fiverr knew about this. It will be fixed soon hopefully. :smiley: I am seeing this thing from past 2 months.


I’m tired of seeing things saying my orders are late when they aren’t.


it’s their internal PROBLEM