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A new feedback bug?


Anyone come up against this one, or is it new please?

Buyer left feedback - it wasn’t 0 stars, but is shown as 5 empty stars at the top and bottom of the gig page, with the buyer’s proper stars and feedback at the bottom of the page.

On my main profile page it hasn’t registered a feedback at all - just looks like any other new gig without any feedback.

Don’t want to ask CS again, because I’ve still got an open ticket about previous feedback problems. :woman_shrugging:

Added - I updated my previous ticket and it looks like it’s just been fixed - no more empty stars! :slightly_smiling_face:


I saw this earlier . . .

On your profile page I see a 4.7 star from 3 hours ago? :thinking:

Cheers Vickie - similar but different! :slightly_smiling_face:

Think I need a can of bug spray. :bug:

Maybe it’s a challenge of some sort - should I try doing my gigs with my hands tied behind my back next do you think? :wink:

Yep - thanks for rubbing it in! :rofl:
It’s not showing on my profile as star rating for that particular gig, although the review is visible on the bottom of the profile page.

It’s on the page for that gig you can see it - it’s registered as 0 stars overall. Don’t want to post the link - self-promotion etc.

With your hands behind your back and standing on your head. :wink: Or let Archie do one! :laughing:


He might get a better response the way the feedback bugs are bothering me.


Do you dare :pen: write CS about it? :grimacing:

Show them the screenies, the gremlins are busy at work.


Nope - might as well delete the gig and start again. :sunny::slightly_smiling_face:

Added - I did update my previous, open CS ticket with this new bit.


I just had the same thing happened to me today, and TWICE. Can you believe that? :smiley: This Bug can really damage ones ratings. I’ve sent a ticket to CS under the “Bug” category and am awaiting their answer.


I’ve paused my gigs and have asked CS to let me know when it’s fixed so I can unpause them.

I got fed up of sounding like a moaning old bag on here (because I’m not really), and am feeling much more relaxed now! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


I believe it is an App problem. Some people don’t update their Apps regularly and these things can happen. Not sure if pausing your Gigs is a good move though. I hope they’ll resolve it soon!

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I’d rather do that then get feedback which is going to get me demoted again because of something that’s not my fault. :wink:

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True. Better to be safe than sorry

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I think it kinda sucks that you didn’t have a choice but to pause your GIGS. It’s a setback and annoying as hell. When you’ve got the determination to succeed on this platform; but bugs like these are cramping Seller’s style. Can’t be Doers with Bugs interfering with our progress! :pineapple:


I’ll just be a DON’TER for a while until it’s fixed. :slightly_smiling_face:


Update on my post above: Customer Support suggested that I contact the buyer and ask them for feedback modification through Resolution Center. After I contacted, the buyer changed the bugged 0-star ratings for both orders back to 5.0 as she initially wanted. So definitely a happy ending to my case. Yay! :smiley: