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A new Fiverr portfolio , is this breaking the TOS?

Since there we are only able to allow to share a certain websites as our portfolio, why not we just this FORUM as our gig portfolio?
For example, I will put many images/ work there on the post, and use comments to add a future portfolio.

And I just add this forum link in the gig description, so once the buyer clicks on the link, it will direct to this forum portfolio, will this break any of the TOS rules? This can be turn out to be a good idea haha

For example,

I don’t this a good idea.
You could add many portfolio you want at single pdf.
I recall, seller have this options to add pdf file when building his gigs
It’s better to put your portfolios as single pdf than to link it here

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But if you need constant uploading latest work, it will be troublesome to keep combining PDF and re-upload it.
And you can even upload more than 1+ video here on the forum, which Fiverr only allows 1 gig video on the gig page

That might go against fiverr policy, but as said above you can make a portfolio using either a PDF adding all your images and samples on it, Also using a Google Doc file and many more

Your gigs portfolio will increase with all the project you have done.
and personally, we only need 7-10 portfolios when buyer ask for work sample
Once you upload it with pdf…, it will enough right?
So…, you need to build a decent portfolio first to avoid editing your gigs so many times.

I dont know about video and audio related services though .

It may be troublesome, but that doesn’t make this suggestion appropriate.

A forum is a community. A place for discussion. It’s not a place to show off and members wouldn’t want endless feeds of people sharing their work. You also don’t have buyer permission to share that here.