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A new flag symbol appears beside the gig favorite button. What's this?

Hi! fiverr CS, From today I noticed a flag symbol appearing just beside the gig favorite button and it’s can be seen for every seller’s gig. And I actually don’t know what is this. Could anyone please let me know about this new feature? Thanks.


If you’re looking for an answer from Customer Support, you’ll have to submit a ticket to them. You can do it here:

This is forum, we’re not CS, and CS doesn’t answer forum posts.

Can you post a screenshot please?


I can’t see anything like what you’ve just described :confused: And honestly, I don’t see what a flag symbol/icon/button could be for in that regards…

Is this what you’re talking about?

If so, that lets you organize favorites into groups.

If not, I got nothin.

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On my account when I check gigs, the favorite bar appears for half a second and then disappears.

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I don’t see nothing and really doubt it to have anything

@msrsumon can you please share a screenshot of the flag symbol you saw?

Yes, why not? sending you the screenshot. And @offlinehelpers @the_possumist you also can check it here.


Thanks a lot for your valuable information

No, I added a screenshot. you may check there.

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Thank you very much for posting the screenshot! :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t see that at all yet - must be another of their roll-outs.

Thank you again! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I get all the beta versions but have not recieved this one

This is a report button that allows you to flag a gig so CS can review it.

That would be the worst feature the way I see it for now - imagine how many competitors would simply flag competing gigs for the kicks, hoping that Fiverr will see something, anything, and take down gigs.

It’s a door for malicious people / competing sellers to abuse and destroy good sellers :frowning:

And thinking about those abusive buyers who invent reasons to get free work and blame your gig for whatever reasons, they will simply go flag a seller’s gig if they can’t achieve their end game.

Oh, and the new sellers who click on it by mistake “I wanted to see what that does”, and the copycats who will flag your gig to make you appear as the copycat :scream: #pandoras_box


This is true but I’m hoping Fiverr’s team expects that and will therefore look into the serious matters like those infringing on copyrighted material or nudity and so forth. In fact, if you click the button you’ll see that Fiverr requests a set of details, so it is not a simple, I click because “I’m angry or because I’m being malicious” but Fiverr needs actual proof.

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Wouldn’t it have been easier if gigs were properly reviewed before being published so that there is no reason to flag them in the first place? :confused: I see it like a way to cut time from the editorial team and review only upon flagging :frowning:

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I can’t argue with that, but I think of it this way. There wasn’t a measure in place in the beginning and so a lot of infringing occurred during the early days. Fiverr has since implemented measures to stop new ones by reviewing videos and content, however, with hundreds or thousands still in the marketplace, then what is the best way to clean up those services which infringe on others; ergo, the ‘flag’.

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Here´s to hoping they may have foreseen that too and it´s similar to the forum flagging system (where simply clicking a flag doesn´t do anything yet, and multiple false flags might even lead to actions against the flagger IIRC). :wink:


True, but let’s think of a hypothetical situation where you have plenty of angry competitors that think they can’t mek sells because buyers will never choose them due to your title, badge or popularity, and then they all flag you out of spite and thus get mass-flagged? :eyes: