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A new freelancer on fiverr, kindly help me to get my first order!

Here is my GIGs, have a look there and do let me know if it needs any sort of changes. Thanks!

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Here’s some of my opinion on your description.

“I’ve been working for years as a freelancer”
Why would a buyer care about this?

“and I’ve managed to accumulate a great deal of experience through it.”
How is the experience relevant to the buyer? Imagine walking into a job interview and just saying I have experience.

“I can design elegant brochures and flyers for your business, event, product or promotion.”
A lot of people can, what makes you any different?

“I offer low rates with professional quality of designs as per the client desire.”
Bad English here and professional quality should be a given.

Thanks for the opinion. Much appreciated.

Hi @saadahmed140 good luck!

Exactly. I recommend @saadahmed140 to go through this Series on Learn from Fiverr.