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A new girl in town!

Hello everyone!
How are you?
I’m not really new here, but now I want to improve my profile and create a conversation, a real one!
My name is Paola, I’m 29 and I live in Sicily, my beautiful little paradise.
I’m an Italian translator and I work with English and French.
My #1 skill and love is subtitling: I started almost 10 years ago subtitling small interviews and videos for YouTube and today it’s my first area of expertise.
In a world where videos are the most used tool to communicate, to have subtitles means to make your public grow by inclusion. And in a world like ours, inclusion is what matter the most.
Here’s my favorite gig here on Fiverr:

I also work on web translation as websites and blogs localization, SEO-oriented translation and proofreading!
Get in touch if you want to know more!


Welcome and wish you all the best !

PS : all your gigs have just one image in portfolio when you can add more sample video, your subtitle work or more professional images…

Current images looks like they are stock images and if you don’t own rights for them your gig may get disable so try to use original work , Or one you own a rights, not with watermarks !


Wow! That’s a hell of an introduction. Really glad you are here in this forum. May you spread your wings.


Thanks! And thank you for the image, I actually bought that elements so to create my own image, I’ll check on it!

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That’s great @paolabarbagallo It’s good to have you around, All the best. Hope you upload a video on your profile soon for better explanation of your gig.


**Welcome @paolabarbagallo…keep Fiverr safe as a member !! **

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welcome to our town, new girl


Welcome to Fiverr Family