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A new Graphic Designer joined

Hello Everyone!

My name is Joseph and I am a Graphic Designer, I have been working as a Graphic Designer for years, and that’s my first time on Fiverr.

I have made My first GIG here in Fiverr, and I would like it if you guys can go and check it out and give me some advice, I’ll be glad to hear from you.

I am very happy to be here with you guys.

I can’t hide the fact that I’m looking forward to my first order :slight_smile:


welcome to fiverr family! Enjoy!


Welcome to the fiverr community!


Welcome to Fiver family


welcome to fiverr forum.

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Welcome to the community… Here you can get good ideas from experts… It is the best resourch fiverr made… Stay with fiverr community and get best idea’s for your fiverr career… Thank you…

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welcome to the fiverr community. best wishes for your bright future .

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Welcome to fiverr! I hope you’ll enjoy using this platform.
For your gig, you might want to add more images so that customers can see examples of your work. This is one the main things that customers look at when deciding who to order from. Other than that, I highly recommend not using unlimited revisions. It’s just asking for buyers to take advantage of you. Also you might want to change your profile bio. It currently says “Success is not an option”. Not instilling much confidence in potential buyers.

There are many posts on the forums that you should look through to learn more about fiverr, what to do/avoid, tips and more. Here is a good one to get you started:


Welcome to fiverr community :heartbeat:


Thank you so much for all your suggestions, I will keep that in mind.

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Hallo welcome and all the best.


welcome to fiverr bro :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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i am new seller
good morning bro

Welcome to Fiverr wish you all the best for your future

Welcome to fiverr :grinning: