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A new kind of niche!

I think i discovered a cool kind of niche that I may or may not have started because I havnt seen it anywhere else. VIDEOGAMES. tutorials, cheats, hacks, secret glitches, tips, ingame photography (one on my acct go look at it:)

I think this could be fun and super cool:)

What are your thoughts?

I joined Fiverr originally for the purpose of doing something like this. I set up a blog a while ago that I haven’t updated lately (too busy on here!) where I posted weird bugs/glitches from games I play!

Not sure if it would work as a gig though as you can get a lot of walkthroughs, hints, cheats etc. for free online.

Maybe a fun gig for something like “I will goof about in the Sims 4 for an hour”…something like that!

Why not, give it a try and see how it goes :wink: Good luck!

yeah, I do console stuff, on xbox so if you have advice or anyhting else let me know. also hows it going witht those gigs?