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A NEW LEVEL CALLED "LEVEL 3" Should be introduce by fiverr!

We always wait for EVALUATION DAY. whether demotion or upgrade between Level 1 and 2. Rarely someone do get TRS.
I had received the Lv 2 a 4 years ago after that nothing change in the my Level. Even i never demoted. It’s like, sitting on the same chair from last 4 years and working :smile:

A NEW LEVEL CALLED “LEVEL 3” Should be introduce by fiverr!!

    1. Yes, i want LEVEL 3 before TRS.
    1. No, I don’t want any change. I wd love to receive same notification about evaluation every month.
    1. It’s don’t matter for me.

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If LEVEL 3 will be introduce by fiverr. That will bring little excitement between sellers, also there will more fun rather than LV 1 AND 2.

  1. LEVEL 1 requirement : 400$ earnings, 10 orders, 60 days
  2. LEVEL 2 requirements : 2000$ earnings, 50 orders, 120 days
  3. LEVEL 3 requirements : 20000$ earnings, 100 orders. 365 days
  4. TRS requirements : 200000$ earnings, 1000 orders. 1825 days

Note : According to my point of view - TRS will not want to see a New Level between them because if a new level will come, they will get little less importance! If you do not want to see any change in the Level then Why you are supporting for a change in Fee charges, new dashboard, many beta test etc, etc.!

what you do think? your comment will more appreciated - VOTE FOR YOURSELF!


I think there’s more than enough ‘excitement’ with the existing levels. :slightly_smiling_face:


Let’s assume a Level 3 gets introduced - what happens after a year? I bet people will start asking for a Level 4, too, because surely a Level 3 would still have high requirements & expectations compared to Level 2 :slight_smile:

And there still are buyers who think L1 means ‘the best’, ‘the first’, ‘the top’, and would probably think L3 = 3rd place. For buyers who think like that, L1 & L2 would mean 1st and 2nd place, which are better than any 3rd place :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. slightly OT: I just realized that a newbie buyer who sees no level information on a seller’s profile page (after having lost all levels) will not think about any level and will simply see a clean professional profile. As soon as a buyer sees some level information, they might investigate further to see what that level means, which could make them look for a different level seller, thus ditching the seller they initially found.

That would leave mostly PROs earn TRS since they charge a lot, which wouldn’t be fair towards the rest of the bunch.


It’s very rare - Someone do get TRS badge - So everyone frustrated these days Because it’s very easy to get LEVEL 2 after that What?. If a new level will introduce. They will feel little joy :sunny:

Demand is increasing day by day and it must be fulfilled AS FIVERR IS ALSO UPGRADING THEM-SELF, Such as Service Fee increased, PRO gigs, many new tools and many beta test. So why shouldn’t any new upgrade in LEVELs?

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Don’t think everybody would agree with that.


I think, Everybody will do welcome a New Level. What they loose if any new level will be introduce. :sunny:

Why stop at 4, why not 5? We can need all the ammo we can get against “5rr is not 5rr anymore!!!1!”


Yeah… But If 4 and 5 will introduce, Very rarely someone will achieve that such as Requiremnts.
Lv4 - 2,00,000$, 1825 days.
Lv5 - 5,00,000$, 3650 days.
TRs - 10,00,000$, 7300 days.


I think, this is necessity of this marketplace. Let’s STOP pressurise the sellers for Demotion. I do favor for this new Level!

If Fiverr ads the 3-rth level, I think anybody would be pleased except the current TRS’s!


I saw, only TRS are voting on “No, i don’t want any change” :smile: :wink: New level doesn’t matter for them because they all are on the top of the LEVEL already. :blush: It’s absolute they will not want to any change :smile:

TRS, which don’t think about us are not fair! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: They should vose as if they were Second Level sellers!

Is this just an excuse for level bashing then - not really a poll at all? :slightly_frowning_face:
Added - yes it is - you’ve updated your initial post several times to reflect the POINT you’re making.
Don’t suppose you’d have put it in quite the same way if you’d been made a TRS? :wink:

Seems like a good reason to have private polls, not public.
Live and let live folks.


So we all know by now that everyone wants a chance at becoming a TRS, which is natural :slight_smile:

Don’t you want to become one, too, and join the ‘unfair’ gang? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, yes, TRS can be seen as unfair since it doesn’t give you any guarantees of more sales, more clients and whatnot :wink:

It’s just a badge: some buyers run away from it because of other people’s bad experiences, other buyers choose Level 1 because they think it’s the top level, and some choose TRS.


Is it better now? :no_mouth:

The order count should be higher than 100. May be 500.

YAY!! In your level system. I’m already a TRS.

If i wd been TRS then Still i wd like to see these changes in the Level system. I can’t be selfish! It’s matter of huge number of other seller happiness :smile: I always want to support my junior level seller!

Yes, I have updated the few words because i seen, Every TRS seller don’t want to see any change in the Level. Even that change will not any harm or reflect on their Level Bcuz They are already on the TOP OF THE LEVEL. I respect their votes and comments but Still i wd like to know - : Why they don’t want any change for New Level introduce!! Do they fear ?

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You’re the only one suggesting this ‘change’.

I could suggest something equally controversial like all level 2 sellers have to wear purple pants when they deliver their orders - wouldn’t make it any more sensible than yours. :wink:


48% users wanted to new Level 3 as per this vote!