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A new member here looking for you to encourage me

Hello every one ,
I am a new fiverr member for 3 days and i have just received my first order.
i will tell you about my skills I am a Professional programmer at VBA an Object-oriented programming for excel, I had an experience of 4 years in excel automation for famous companies in the world such us Renault France, Renault Maroc,PSA and I am here to provide you one top solution for all your excel needs i can help the managers to generate reports with just one click. I have already served more than 200 responsables in famous companies and saved a lot of their time by automating various reports and functions.i am looking forward to receiving some advices.


Hello and welcome! :blossom: There’s a lot of great information here on the forum and in the Fiverr Academy.


@sophiesvoice Thanks for your information.

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Hi there and welcome. Since you´ve worked for ‘big names’, you might be interested in informing yourself about and applying for “Fiverr Pro” (link below), you´ll also find info about it in Fiverr’s blog and lots of other forum posts (just type ‘Fiverr Pro’ or something into the forum search top right). :four_leaf_clover:


@miiila Thanks for your extra and useful informations.
Many thanks.