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Hi this is Ananna, a digital marketer. Give me some suggestions to get more orders and also to perform that well. It’ll be an honor if you visit my profile and check my gigs and give your valuable opinions about how it is and anything that should be modified.
Thank you.

  1. Make good gig with quality gig banner or Video with the information of your service.
  2. Share your gig links on social media for buyer can get your service details.
  3. Send buyer requests everyday.



Welcome Ananna. Welcome to this forum :wink:

Not to be slow, (and I keep reading about this…this makes about 90% of sales) but how do you do that?


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Hello Ananna,
Welcome to the fiverr.

  1. Please try to build gig with seo friendly way .
  2. Share your gig .
  3. Send buyer request regular basis .
  4. Try to active on fiverr at least 12 hours a day.
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Welcome to the Forum.

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Great I am also new on fiverr.
It’s a great platform for the freelancers.

Tips which i learned:

  • Make all GIGS

  • Eye Catchy Images

  • Make SEO Based GIG


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@umerwebgeek Putting a link to your gig in a reply is spamming the forum.

Edit: I see you have now removed the link.

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Welcome to Fiverr family

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Okay next time i will be careful


***Sand Everyday buyer requests.
Share your gig on social media.It helps to get your impressions and clicks

Good luck to you.
I hope you have success soon

welcome to the family

Welcome to fiverr family, Best of luck

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Welcome to fiverr Community

congratulation to fiverr forum.

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W :heart_eyes:elcome to fiverr. best wish for you.

Welcome to the Fiverr Forum


share your gig on various social media everyday.