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A new, penalty free category for brand new sellers on fiverr


A recent post from a new seller made me think of a new category of seller, a special one rather than just “new”, where people could purchase a service from a very new seller without reviews, and in that category no reviews would be left for anyone.

The seller would have to have his portfolio turned on so potential buyers could see his previous deliveries to buyers. There would be three questions buyers could answer if they wanted to, and these would be visible as if it was a review: 1. were you happy with what the seller delivered? 2. did the seller communicate quickly and well in english? 3. did you receive your delivery on time?. The answers could be checked either yes or no.

It would only be for sellers who have less than 20 sales.

All gigs would be only $5. In this way, new sellers would get extra exposure, along with a chance to show off their work, without fear of bad reviews. The “cream of the crop” would stand out quickly this way, as people would see all their work displayed that they produced for buyers.

New sellers have such a hard time being recognized and there are many who are very talented but take a long time to establish themselves. It seems that without the standard reviews, and resulting penalties for bad reviews, along with a requirement to show what they delivered this problem might be helped.

This would work best in the design and logo categories, where potential buyers would be able to see previous deliveries.


I like the idea of the three questions as a way to provide a simplified rating system, and more in general the concept of a sandbox for new sellers. Designing and integrating such a system wouldn’t be a walk in the park because implies resolving a series of collateral issues.


Your idea is very interesting. However, as @pacquo mentioned, the major bottleneck would be the implementation part.

Partly true. New-sellers do get extensive exposure in Fiverr’s search listings, though. Also, there is nothing stopping the “cream of the crop” new-sellers from displaying an impressive portfolio of their previous projects and impressing/convincing potential buyers from buying their gigs.

However, I do agree that the sandbox model proposed by you has the potential to accelerate this process of recognizing new talent.


The fear of a bad review, sometimes from a manipulative buyer, seems to be a major source of problems for them.