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Hi , I am Anna , I belong to a blessed family and I am here to help you all with your problems SPIRITUALLY.

I will answer 5 of your questions about your life for just 5$

I can also help you Caste spells, As I had helped many others,

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  1. I will caste a spell so that your CRUSH starts loving you for $5

  2. I will caste an extremely powerful spell to help you in EXAMS for $5


Seriously ???

I mean , Still people believe in these things ?


Reply to @askdanyal: Yes , People do and You should too, Why Don’t you try me for a FREE SESSION , Inbox me and I will surely convince you


Reply to @askdanyal: I know. Sadly, there are many gullible people in the world, and just as many people willing to relieve those people of their funds. Search “James Randi’s Million Dollar challenge” to read about his challenge to anyone to win a million dollars…all they have to do is prove any kind of paranormal, supernatural or psychic ability or power or entity. Any kind at all. And there are financial challenges like that all over the world, all unclaimed. Randi’s site posts videos of some of the more “memorable” attempts to win the prize; they’re hilarious!


Reply to @celticmoon: Interesting! I’ll have to look that up…


what kind of spells can you cast? Isnt that a sin?

celticmoon said: Reply

Wow and these people here are doing it for 5$ , if anyone of them is real , they could have won a million :D