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A new rookie in the community :D

Hi all,

My name is William, I live in France and I am a new GIG on Fiverr.

I am a freelancer, self-taught. I learned mostly in the field and continue to train myself continuously.

For the moment, I have created my first profile as a Graphic Designer (I have other service ideas in mind that I can’t wait to share).

I offer a simple and original logo creation service.

I will be delighted to exchange with experienced people in order to progress and become an MVP. :wink: :basketball_man:
You can see my profile:

Thank you for your opinions, advice.

Have a nice day!




Learn more and Earn More. Buddy, Try to become a Advanced UI & UX Designer you could earn More Bucks

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Welcome to the community. Best wishes!


Hello Buddy,
How do you know this is my final goal ( UI/UX Designer)? lol
Knowledge is the key!

Thank you very much!

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Hello Vic,

Thanks for the message! :+1:t6:

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Welcome to our community.

I used to become a Graphics Designer but right now i am web designer

Welcome to fiverr forum!
I wish you the best of experience :slight_smile:


Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Well done. This job has a huge potential!

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Hello thanks!
I think, it’ll be an amazing adventure. :slight_smile:

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Thats great to know. Keep hustling.

WELCOME to FIVERR community.
I wish you good luck for your future


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Hello, Thank you!

Definitly this is the place to be for a great future. :wink: