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A new scamm hitting me on Spotify Playlists

I am getting hit allot with a new scam for my Spotify Playlists. People are buying the playlist gig and then about 2 or 3 days in cancelling the order for Playlists. At this point they have gotten several days free. Its a total scam by these people. By this point I have already paid for advertising, put out multiple adverts and the efforts involved on my promoted playlist. They claim to be new, don’t understand how to track their own spins or think if a playlist does not have billions of followers that its not good and they need to cancel. Targeted new playlists don’t have followers? Followers don’t translate into spins that are the entire form of ROI for spotify. Its a 15 US dollar playlist advertisement. For the honest or just plain new people what advertising company can you put an add in and then cancel after the add has started? Ever try and do that with a local news paper? They would laugh at you. I think I am going to have to stop using Fiverr because of this cancel feature alone. Its a scam. And if I don’t process a return I face bad reviews. I can just see my score tanking now… Fiverr help!