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A New Seller expectation


I am a new seller can you share some tips and tricks. :grinning::grinning:


Of course, there is a “search” bar on top of the forum, you type there “tips and tricks” and voila! You’ll see thousands of tips

Good luck.


Thanks for your advice.


Sure, here you go:

  1. Read the terms of service. This is something all sellers must do. Fiverr takes these very seriously and every day we see people who are complaining they got their account banned from breaking a rule.

  2. Read them! Do not ignore this warning.

  3. Only offer to do what you know you are good at.

  4. Make your gig perfect, the description and the images.

  5. I know you didn’t read the terms of service. Do it. And follow the rules at all times.

  6. Don’t offer unlimited revisions.

  7. The customer is not always right and often they are wrong. It is up to you to politely inform them when they are wrong, such as when they say they didn’t like what you did and want a refund. Don’t agree to give a refund if you did what you said you would do in the gig description. Not liking what you did is not a reason to give them a refund.

When the phrase “tips and tricks” is used, and I am sick of hearing this phrase on the forum over and over, it sounds like people think there is some trick to use to get sales. There is not. The only “trick” is to offer what you are good at, and present that in a way that is attractive, and well written.

My wish is to never see the phrase “tips and tricks” again.


Fantastic response, well done you. Agree wholly. There are no tricks. Just do great work, on time!


Work hard and treat every customer like they are a million dollar order. Deliver MORE than what you promise. If they want their order in 3 days, deliver in 1 day. If they want it in 1 day, deliver in 12 hours. Give them a little extra and they will come back to you. It’s not just about what gig you arew offering, but how well you SERVE your customer.