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A new seller is not always a beginner!

Most of online seller are offering what they are pro on it, from developers & designers to Writers and more, so how they are considered as beginners ?
The big problem we face when we start selling via Web platforms like “Fiverr” will be the costumer and by chance he is also the financial support, that means a good relationship with costumer lead to a good financial results that why this is what onliners have to pay attention to.
The work we are offering are much easier since what we are selling is what we are doing all the time, right?
So when we start online work we are considered beginner on costumer relationship building and marketing process not on the domains we are working on it.

Below some good tips that I think every one need handle it as much as he can :
Choosing carefully the good market to sell. “monkeys prefer bananas before all”.
Being more attractive to be easily selected.” people judge faces”.
Customize offers as the other are searching by verifying titles not content.

Most of us need only to develop the commercial & marketing skills and that certainly will help them to get into the market easily.

Hope I was clear enough here, if not, I will be grateful to read how?
Thanks for reading

Most illuminating. The radiance of this imparted knowledge has virtually blinded me.

You forgot to add the tips below, btw. But it’s OK, you’re just a new seller, not a beginner. It happens.

thanks for the comment, you got my topic behind :), but , what else you think i forgot ? i truly can’t wait to read about it.

The flamingos dance in Svetlana Park. There will be crows.

yeah i completely forget about it…