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A new tactic for people to request refunds

I write articles. I got a request earlier for an article within 12 hours so I pumped it out. The request was as follows:

Product name : theyacondiet


no carb diet

disney rewards

Basically writing about a weight loss product. That is all well and good. look at the second keyword though. How could I conceivably fit ‘disney rewards’ as a keyword into an article about weight loss? Hint: You can’t. What happens because I can’t? Well, the customer requests a refund because I did not fulfill his specifications by not doing so. I have been told that I have to meet his requirements (by customer support) otherwise I have to give a refund.

So I am guessing this will be how it is now. People asking for stupid keywords to be incorporated into their articles because they do not understand SEO in the slightest.

Fantastic, yes?

Starting to wonder how I can put disney rewards into this article 5 times and make it sound natural. Hmmm.

I’d say that when you get a request that’s clearly ridiculous, just cancel it right away. I’ve become very liberal with the cancellation button lately.

You could write a little comparison regarding how weight loss is like Disney rewards in some way! I’m not sure how they’re obviously related, but surely weight loss is rewarding…much like Disney rewards? :wink:

"Visiting Disney Land can be an exciting trip for the entire family. However, mommy and daddy will have a hard time sticking to a no-carb diet while on vacation. Go ahead and splurge, consider it your one time DISNEY REWARD and return to the diet once you get back home. Walking around the park is good exercise and will offset any carbs you may eat."

Boom. You’re welcome.


Beautiful! :slight_smile:

I don’t really see how disney rewards is relevant…

I can’t fathom what kind of value they will get out of mixing that keyword with no carb diet and in fact, doing such a thing I can only see hurting their over-all visibility and value of their page. So confusing.

I agree with @freelancemm The more I think about this, the less it makes sense.

Let’s say you write the article with both keywords even though it doesn’t make sense. They may still request a refund because it’s stupid, even if it is what they asked you to do. But what benefit is it to them? All they end up getting for free is a nonsense article.

@jtengle Only other thought as @ryangilliam sort of hinted in the title is that maybe it’s some kind of new method buyers are doing to circumvent having to actually pay for the article. Essentially by providing such a weird request, most buyers may simply give in and offer a refund maybe even after completing the article(without mention of keyword) without thinking twice about it and the buyer may have just ended up with a free article and they could continually recycle that refunded money from CS due to in essence, a loophole. I really do hope they have some kind of measure in place for buyers that may constantly be requesting mutual cancellations or refunds. Either way, it’s pretty odd and seems if they’re doing this it’s a whole lot of effort to save $5(or whatever the price may be.)

Generic thumbs down left because I told the customer (an SEO company) that he was not that good at SEO if he was looking to write articles with keywords not related to the text at all (what I posted up there was just one example, he ordered a number of articles)

No explanation given really. Just a thumbs down about 2 mins after I delivered his modification. Baffling. I gave him his gigs 10 days early AND they conformed to some of the worst specs I have ever been given. He even said “you make this modification and I will give great feedback”. I delivered the modification in 4 minutes (adding a keyword)