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A new type of alert?

Saw a red dot on my Messages tab and thought, “Oh, a new message. Better check out what it is.” Clicked the alert and out came this:


Wait what? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have hundreds of new (and old) buyer requests that I haven’t taken the time or the hit to sanity to sift through.

If Fiverr is going to send an alert every time a handful of new requests are posted, alerts will be so cluttered that I’ll never know when I receive a legitimate message alert.

Not a fan of this type of alert, although new sellers who heavily rely on BR might appreciate it.

Anyone else received this alert?


Yes, actually. Luckily I don’t need BR right now but I do think this can be handy for people who are paying really close attention to it (not sure if new sellers get it as well, though.)

I hope we can turn it off at some point (I do check new BRs out from time to time but it’s been weeks if not months since I’ve replied to any so I feel it’d be wasted on me, especially when I’m on a roll and waiting for several orders to be finished at the same time. Got my hopes up for a second :D)


For a brief period of time, a Notifications button was on my BR page, so I think it is definitely in the works to be able to modify if and when alerts are made.

I hope this alert doesn’t become all too common while there is still no way to modify or cancel it.

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Well, I was worried about that.

Already had the alert pop up 3 times already… :unamused:

Ooo so this is what the OP was referring to in this thread

Two new features in a day!


Me too, three or four times this afternoon/evening, and the most annoying thing is that I thought if it disturbs me already, I can at least have a look, just in case, but there were no BRs for me, at all, not even talking about BRs demanding the impossible, but they all were for things I don’t offer.
When I checked after the last ding, actually half of the BRs on that page were in fact multiples of the same one BR, too …

This could be nice probably, especially for people who then might be spared manual checking of BR for naught, but certainly needs some finetuning, and an on/off option.


Where did you find this feature? On mobile app or desktop version?
Cause I didn’t see it.

There you go …

This is the 4th or 5th I got today (well, it’s past midnight for me now, so, technically, over 2 days, so far; I think the 1st one was for 5 requests, the others all for 1), I can’t count because the former notifications disappear when a new one appears (thankfully, I wouldn’t want them cluttering up my notification window).

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Thank you.
I didn’t see it on my notifications.
Is it because I rarely submit anything to buyer request section?
Do you often submit buyer request?

No. Only very rarely.

I’ve had about 6 notices so far…

I absolutely hate this alert. :expressionless:

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I haven’t seen that notification so far. The last time I sent an offer through BR was about 3 years ago. I guess I will keep my eyes off of it. I don’t want those notifications giving false hope during the day.

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No i didn’t get this.

Must be quite a while since I sent an offer to BR, I can’t even vaguely tell you when I sent the last one. Probably it’s a test or launch in several steps, like they often do with new features/beta things.

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I’ve got this type of notification too. :smiley: :iphone:

I think it’s only for seller plus isn’t it?

Correct. [15 characters]