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A "newbie" annoyed rant


I’m unofficially an old newbie here (officially joined a year ago; put up my first gigs a couple weeks ago). My gigs are well written and logical, perhaps a little dry. They’re written with proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. So, riddle me this, kidlets: given the above, how is it that sketchy buyers think I’m going to fall for their nonsense?

The original messages from each “felt” wrong, so I followed up for clarification. The ensuing conversations sent up red flags all over the place. One asked me to write off-site in return for a thumbs-up. The other asked for a video script to help him promote his unfinished (and questionable) site. Their mutilation of the English language didn’t help their cases, either. I turned them down.

Do these people really think every new gig-writer is stupid or desperate? Don’t they read the gig to get a sense of what the person is likely to do?

Never mind. I know the answers. Rant over.

dkendrafran said: Don't they read the gig

NO! People do not read. Period. They see a few letters or a word that vaguely has something to do with what they want and would rather have you deal with/figure out their nonsense.

Don't waste your time with it. And if you plan on sticking around Fiverr, you'll need to come up with a coping mechanism for it. Ignorance and impoliteness are becoming the 'standard' in all work situations, but this place has it by the buckets-full.

Good luck!


I used to work retail, and I had my share of rude people. But, that behavior is just childish. I can put up with absurdity. I can laugh at myself and encourage others to laugh at themselves. I can even - usually - jolly a rude or nasty customer into at least saying “Thank you.” But, expecting a newbie to go against their own best interests, not to mention against Fiverr’s TOS? That’s beyond stupid.