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A newbie here :))

Hello guys, I am a new here, I just want to say high to whole community. And I hope I will have an amazing fun and creative time here. By my profession I am a kindergarden teacher, I am comming from eastern europe and I am very creative and just trying to turn my hobby into my extra job.
All your advices for me how to start and warm greetings are welcomed.

Everyone have a nice day and wish you all a lot of a work :slight_smile: CHEERS!!!

Hi, I am also new on Fiverr and I wish you success on this new adventure!

Hello! I have been on here for a while, but not a lot of activity until the more recent, so I’m new too. However, I have had nothing but a bad experience! I place a few little gigs to try out to sell and got nothing but scam requests. I have had more problems trying to buy! I just wonder if I’m a scammer’s magnet, or if this place is full of unethical people! What has been your experience so far?

Welcome Anyaya and Koraljka, i wish you guys success on this site. Kkerans keeps your head up,things will get better just be cautious on the site, I have been hear for a long while but had problems with the photos i used for my services and then there was school so i kinda took a break. I recently started again and so far things have been looking up.

I started, made a 3 sales, and one of them was a weird person, but with another one I had a great expirence. You should know that people are different and we can t always be satissfied with everyone. Good luck in future :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Welcome… Your gig looks nice… but i wud suggest that get a Video done for your GIG… As Gigs with Videos will have more visibility and more sales (as they say though :slight_smile: but getting a small video wud really help :slight_smile: and all the best for your Fiverr Journey !

Hello! :slight_smile: