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A newbie in fiverr family

Hi, awesome people! I’m here to join this awesome family. I am just a new graduate from SE and looking forward to providing tech support to people and also help myself. I just have created my first gig yesterday. Eagerly waiting for my first order.


Telling us, here on the forums, that you are eagerly waiting for your first order, isn’t going to ensure that you receive an order. There’s a lot more to being successful, than putting up a gig, and then sitting back and expecting the orders to roll in.

Are you planning to market or promote your gig? Do you know who your target customers are? Do you have a success strategy? What kind of daily work are you planning to do as a seller here on Fiverr?

There is no easy “get-rich-quick” answer here on Fiverr. Hard work will be required.


Welcome! Don’t forget to search the forum for useful tips and visit the Fiverr Academy to learn how Fiverr works.


Well sir, I respect your opinion. I’ll surely work on that.

Currently I am learning and working on PHP projects as a beginner on which I am going faster. I am resolving related issues here locally. I don’t have a success strategy for fiverr yet. But yea, I will soon figure it out. I am a coder working 12-14 hours/day. I am quite confident that I can work harder than I think of.

Thanks for motivating me.

Hey ohid,

You don’t have to worry much about success at getting orders!

You need to focus on producing professional and quality work. The rest of the headache is on Fiverr.

Having sounding portfolio makes you to stand at better place but presentation is also important may be you are missing something at representing your services to the clients.

Make sure you do check buyer request quite often and regularly update your profile.
I hope that’s helps.

I don’t want get rich just help people