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A Newbie who loves to write finding it difficult, a bit frustrated. i could use a little help

Hello community, My name is sue mason from secaucus New Jersey a professional writer. Created my first gig here: am finding it difficult to find it in the fiverr search engine. have been on it all day, cant still figure it out… so frustrating. i could use your help here. Thanks

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welcome here!

Did you check last pages of search engine?

yea i did couldn’t find it until i use complete title lol. no one is going to type the full title in the search box. who would?:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

That’s why we input meta tags when we create gigs

I suggest you to give sometime and let impression grow.

you could help me with examples of these meta tags i would love to appreciate that. Thanks for the help

You did not type 5 SEARCH TAGS when you create your gig?

i think i did. i did put seo service, writing and all. just crossed checked i did. Thanks

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When did you create your gig? If it was today it needs to go through a review process so it might be a while until it shows up in search.

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that was great. seo services can help you out to rpomote more and attract a huge traffic… keep going. good luck

I can see it now its showing up now at the newest arrival section. Thanks

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Thanks, am glad you liked it.