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A nice tip! Maybe

I don’t know if someone already mentioned this but here we go:

My back and hands have been hurting these days, a lot of typing, you know how it is… :roll_eyes:

So I’ve been reading about keyboards, and following a few tips, today I lowered those little legs in the back of my keyboard and left it flat against the table.

It worked! :smiley:

Not only are my hands fine, my back doesn’t hurt much as well and I have been a lot more productive today as well!

I don’t know if it is related, but today I was more productive than normal, I actually finished my personally set “quota” for work in my projects today a few hours earlier than normal.

So, if you type a lot, I think you guys should give this a try for a day, it costs nothing after all and it may work…

See ya :grinning:


Thanks for that tip.

Don’t mind it, you’re welcome. :grinning:

I actually read it in an article about gaming.

Its something about keeping your wrirsts straigth or something…

Something else that really helps, especially if you’re a writer, is a mechanical keyboard. I bought one about 18 months ago and wish I’d bought it 18 years ago!


Oh yes! :smiley:

1000 times this.

Mine is mechanical as well.

Plus, the click clack of the keys and the way they offer just a little resistance to your fingers is odly satisfiing.

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I really want one, but I’m afraid I will drive the whole house mad with the noise…

The one I have isn’t too noisy - It’s a Rosewill Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Brown Switches, and cost me just under $100 (which is, of course, tax deductible :wink: )

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sounds like a good way to celebrate once I get my credit card leveled out.