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A notice or an update just appeared after a few days

Hi guys,

This story is also connected to the one that I have posted a moment ago. To make it short, well a notice or an update appeared just after a few days. I think it was already 3 days. And when I checked it, it said I was already late in re-doing or re-submitting the orders of my buyer. I thought, the recent fiverr update or the fiverr 3.0 is going to make things better? fiverr really did ruined a lot of things here. Even some of the top sellers were gone now. I hope fiverr fixes this before it’s too late.


I agree with @kjblynx. Even when I go through times of slow sales, I always check my To Do list every day at least once, because email accounts & website can have technical “hiccups” any time! I think I’d rather see nothing to do than to see a glaring LATE notification.