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A pain to share

Hello friends,
Today I am going to share a bad experience I faced yesterday. I am a writer. A buyer wants to order me an about us page, but he requested to pile up the about us section from 5 given links before that. He ordered for piling up the about us of other pages in a file. And he said after researching that he would decide which one he follows. So, I accept that with a custom offer.
After gathering the section, I sent the file to him and asked his opinion. He said it’s okay. Then I delivered it, and he accepted the delivery. But he didn’t give any feedback. After 3 days, he gave me 2.3 stars by saying its copy paste work.
I became thundered as the order was to collect the about us from the 5 given websites. If I can share the order page’s screenshot and what he said when I asked him, ’ are you satisfied?’, you can understand why I am so upset. After saying “yes, it’s okay,” such feedback only gives pain nothing else. This is the first time I get such feedback.
I can accept if I deliver poor work, but I have done for what I have taken the order. Is there anything to do?


@shahana_2 its very sad dear friend. I will request you that when sent customer offer please know about his previous rating before sending offer.
I don’t worry. go ahead. god bless you

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Did you realize that you can respond to the customer’s Review?
If you do, take care that you sill look mature.

Maybe his meaning and your reading are not on the same level or in the same place as I notice that your English is pretty poor. This is an issue as it is very easy to have misunderstandings when one or both people have poor communication.



I will collect about us from your given websites and gather them in a file if it is available.---- this was the custom offer. What does it require?

Did you really expect that he is asking you to just copy paste it?

It would’ve been faster for himself to copy paste it than looking for a freelance on fiverr, placing order, explaining himself etc.
I’m sure he watered the rewritten content similar to those website.

And if in doubt why didn’t you double check if he really wanted just a copy paste?

And I’m also not sure how you can offer writing services with that level of English.


If I can share screenshot, you may understand. Anyway, thanks for your doubt.

If you have time, pls have a look on my profile.

Its the part and parcel of a Freelancer’s life. Accept the fact and move on Sister. Love for You :blue_heart:

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I checked your profile and overall you seem to be doing well and that’s great, but I have to agree with what @benedictrm and @mariashtelle1 said.
With all due respect, (and again even though I can clearly see that you are doing good and a level 1 seller) I am rather surprised that you are offering writing gigs. Just by looking at your comments above, it seems like your English level isn’t at a “writer’s” level.
I’m also guessing that perhaps there was some kind of miscommunication that occurred, due to that? Or maybe the buyer simply wasn’t pleased with your work due to the grammar mistakes etc, along with the copy/paste problem.


What to say? Without the writing ability, I am a level one seller, within a short period.

Is it easy to work here and complete 38 projects successfully with 5star feedback? I am sorry that I have shared my pain here.

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No, it is not easy to finish 38 gigs and get good feedback, and I am sure you are proud of your success. As mentioned above, I can tell that you are doing fine so far but again, due to your English skills I get the feeling there might have been some problems that occurred which lead to the 2.3 rating.

Like your buyer said, your delivery was “OK.”
OK could mean “good/acceptable,” but can also mean “not that bad, but not all that good either.” If that is how he felt, he had every right to leave the feedback I’m afraid.
I’m guessing that perhaps the majority of your buyers were from non-native English speakers, but that particular buyers was an English native…I’m not sure, I’m just guessing.

I know this is hard for you to read, but again you’re English isn’t quite there yet,
and I also noticed that you offer a grammar checking gig as well. You might want to consider taking that down. I know, you have two 5 stars for that gig and that’s great, but I’m afraid you’re not capable of offering that service just yet.

I know you posted on the forum to share your pain and this is not what you wanted, but
since I have been given the opportunity to check your gigs etc, I need to be honest.


Thanks. For your comments. I have no words to reply. My works will be the best answer, I hope.

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