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A particularly fussy customer who hides impropriety and perhaps even bad faith

I would like to bring to your knowledge an experience with a customer that forced me to request the cancellation of an order.
I summarize briefly: the customer contacted me on July 2019 asking me for a certain task concerning a pagination project.
After a series of negotiations to reach an agreement, he made the order after few days from 13 july, asking me with mandatory condition to have to show step by step the work in progress that should approved by him.
He also tried to talk with me by ■■■■■ asking my data ■■■■■. Obviously I refused.

Also asking for technical explanations on how the work was structured. He wanted to force me to give him an account every day in everything, I shouldn’t have continued without his permission and his approval on a technical subject that he doesn’t even know!
In few words these are his request that gave me only after the ORDER:
I want the seller work task by task in a progressive and agile way to optimize his time and work efficiently. For example :
- Task 1.1 : I want him to send me the NAME SOFTWARE file (exported from the…files) BEFORE keeping on working
- Task 1.2 : NAME SOFTWARE file validation
- Task 2.1 : Making the connexion between NAME SOFTWARE file and NAME SOFTWARE contents
- Task 2.2 : Connexion validation
- etc. etc.
The seller can take over the order of tasks, the better it is for him. It’s important to me to check and understand every step, and ask technical questions if needed."

I wonder know: how I could have refused all that when the order was already made?
Initially I tried to support him by promising to keep him informed as much as possible, then I saw that he forced me not to go ahead until after his approval. In this way the job has become frustrating as you cannot accept being approved by a person who does not qualify as NAME SOFTWARE technician.

After I sent him several files to try the work done, he started to turn racist insults against me and my nation.

At this point I ask you where is the desire to collaborate with a person who offends in this way and since he treated this work only as a very complex experiment, of which I was not assured the final payment, I was forced to ask for the cancellation of the order (with much regret).I lost over $200 but I could have lost more if he had us work uselessly for 20 days, saying he wasn’t satisfied at the end, and taking all the information on how to do the job.

I hope with this message to warn all the sellers of this site, to be wary of those who want to be explained how to do the job especially when you still have to start.
Your opinion will be appreciated!



That’s a very unfortunate experience. It looks like the buyer tricked you into accepting the order before they shared all those “demands” with you. You had no other option than to cancel the order.

Yeah. Such buyers can be a royal PITA to work with, and they should be avoided at all costs.

In case you haven’t done so already, I suggest that you create a Customer Support ticket and report the buyer for racism/abuse. Please do not forget to attach screenshots of the racist comments along with the ticket. I hope that you have already blocked the buyer; doing so will prevent the buyer from ever contacting/ordering from you again.

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I feel so bad for you, Geno. That was uncalled for.

All these stories about nasty/sneaky buyers has me getting really worried :disappointed_relieved:. And I haven’t even started getting orders yet.


They are not supposed to dictate to you AFTER they place the order all those conditions.

I would have cancelled this very difficult and unrealistic order after all that.

Here was the red flag that this is not someone whom you should accept as a client:

This shows he will be demanding and difficult. Never do a series of negotiations. Just set a price and either they accept or not. He saw he would be able to push you around after that series of negotiations and that you would not stand your ground.


I have already contacted the customer service by sending the necessary proof, thank you for the advice. I just need to block the contacts. Which button should I use “report” or “spam” of his conversation? Thanks for the advices.

First go to their Fiverr profile by clicking on their Fiverr username in your inbox or your order page. Once you are on their Fiverr profile page, you will be able to see a “report” as well as a “block” button just below their profile picture and Fiverr username. You can block them with the block button.


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Thanks you for your suggestion!

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Sorry, racist against a white blond woman? Haven’t seen that one before.

Anyway, sorry abut your experience!

This is when I would have confronted him and explained that that’s not how Fiverr works, unless the milestones were used.


It’s not common, but it happens. You won’t believe it, but it does!

I’ve been called “white flesh” - as if that could ever be an insult :flushed: - and so many other things… :roll_eyes:

You just need to make yourself deaf and continue your way, letting people be what they are. Poor them that feel confort insulting others or thinking they do… :roll_eyes:


Going by your picture, your skin is very white!

That’s a joke, people, please don’t report me. :wink:

Don’t worry about it too much, Jave_base. There are plenty of abusive people in the real world, too. You just have to learn how to deal with them. The good thing about running a Fiverr business is you can’t be physically abused. You also have a block button!


This was someone with an agenda to abuse you from the sound of it. I think if you alert CS along with screenshots of the racist remarks and of the demands after the order was placed they will see this buyer was deliberately being hateful.


Hahaha That’s why I said, how can that even be an insult??? :flushed: :sweat_smile: I’m white, and so? What’s the fuss about it? :thinking: :woozy_face: :joy:


I just hope I avoid them all together. Been reading threads about how manipulative buyers got their sellers have warnings issued and stuff. It’s kind of disheartening. I hope I get the nice, simple ones. Otherwise, I’m fine with having no buyers at all :sweat_smile:

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Imo, the best strategy is to expect the worst buyers possible and prepare yourself for that (and not just by expecting to have “nice, simple” buyers). :slight_smile: It’s always good to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. :slight_smile:

Not doing so will leave you stumped in case you get a troublesome buyer, and I am sure you wouldn’t wanna be in such a situation, especially not when you are working with a particularly annoying buyer.

I see that you are already reading a lot of forum posts (good move), and going through a couple of posts where forum users advise on how to handle troublesome/annoying buyer is going to prepare you for the worst-case scenario. :+1:

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Well, it’s not like I have a choice. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, sort of a thing is happening here, but I still dread the stress y’all have been sharing. It’s not like mentally preparing myself or strategizing will make it any less unpleasant :grimacing: . . . Therefore, hoping to not get such manipulative buyers at all.

Oh yeah, I’m trying to figure out what’s considered to be the best approach in case such an issue occurs (provided I ever manage to get an order lol, but anyway). So far, I really can’t figure out if contacting the CS is always the best option. Having read the thread of this seller who got a warning for some delivery he’d already sent, I’m not sure the CS is very helpful once you’re subject to buyer’s manipulation. I think getting off of your laptop and crying in the corner till you’re over it is the way to go :woman_shrugging: This is what I learned.

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Generally speaking, it’s best to contact CS only if you really can’t solve it on your own.

The first thing CS usually says in problematic situations is to discuss it with the buyer (unless the buyer is saying things like “your entire race should be hanged”, or is threatening to come to your home and kill you, or something equally bad; and yes, I’m exaggerating).


Thanks! This somehow narrows it down on my priority grade. Also, appreciate y’all sharing experience and advises on the forum :blush:. I’m sure many silent spectators like me are learning (and dreading) a lot. It’s really helpful to know what to expect. I was honestly completely clueless to this dark corner of fiverr.

I also proceeded to show the evidence to CS and the CS has already found everything I said. Thank you.

Jave, there are many horror stories on the forum, but to be honest to you, I haven’t yet encounter a bad buyer (def: he/she who actually places an order). All of them have been very nice and sweet.

I don’t doubt of terrible ones, sure there are, and many! But I really think that the type of buyers any seller might get, depends directly on the category and sub-category of the service sellers provide.

I don’t say I’ll never encounter sweet demonic buyers, maybe I will (although I hope not :sweat_smile:), but they won’t be many because of my cat & sub-cat (translation & proofreading).

Don’t worry about the day that hasn’t come yet. When it arrives, you’ll know what to do. The most important thing is using your common sense. :wink:


Horror story is just the right description :sweat_smile:

This give me some consolation. My gig is in similar category so hopefully I wouldn’t need to stress myself unnecessarily. Thanks for the encouragement :blush:

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