A "pause" feature when you go on vacation [ARCHIVED]


Hi Fiverr!

I’ve been talking to some of the other sellers on the forums, and there seems to be a universal agreement that a “pause” feature on the gig pages would be very useful. When I go on vacation, I don’t want to stop my gig because I know new customers can’t find my gig. I would prefer if they were still able to find me, but have the “order gig” button greyed out and replaced with “gig on pause”, just so new customers can find me and collect my gig, but know I am not currently available (but still able to send me a message).

Someone told me repeat customers see a message like this when your gig is paused, but it would be very useful if new customers were also able to search for my gig while it’s on pause so I don’t miss out on making new contacts with people.

Thank you very much!



I strongly belive PAUSE is better than suspend as it affects the fiverr index search crawler.

Lords Of Fiverr, please do listen to us!


Hey Ellen, there is one thing they never told you about going on pause (you do mean suspend, correct?)

When you go on Pause, your gigs drop out of the search rankings on Fiverr and that means less sales. I think a better strategy is to increase the number of days delivered so you still get the sale and your search rankings are preserved.

Also, if your gigs are on pause and your new customer needs what you have now and cannot wait for you to return from vacation, what’s to stop them from going to one of your competitors who’s identical gig is not paused.

Take my advice and don’t put your gig into pause. Instead, increase the delivery days for the length of your vacation and switch it back when you return.

I hope this gives you good insight.



Reply to @hotwebideas: I’m sorry to say this, but increasing the number of days won’t help :frowning:

First, imagine what it would mean for a TRS: orders would come in daily, in mass… and when you get back you will get really frustrated about it since you won’t be able to handle that much amount of work (was in that situation, never want to be again - it’s a total nightmare!)

Secondly, you will also get a lot of buyers who are in a hurry, they ask you nicely to deliver asap since they can’t wait sooo many days, and since you are in vacation you won’t be able to even communicate, thus you will face a lot of cancellations when you come back (been in this situation, too)

So, I always wanted a “vacation” or “pause” system to avoid getting into any of the previously mentioned situations… I even suggested it as a feature… but as usual, it probably won’t ever get implemented, just like a ton of other important seller-related features (after 3 years I’ve come to the conclusion that sellers are not really important, only buyers are, and this makes me really sad :frowning: )


@actressellen, I totally feel your problem!

It took 2 years for me to get real sick because I couldn’t afford suspending my gigs… 2 full years with no weekends, no holidays, not even a few days off :frowning: Because if I would have suspended my gigs, sales would have decreased too much after reactivation…

But after 2 years I just couldn’t do it anymore and had to suspend them for a few months to get better… and since I got back, guess what? sales never got back to how they were before I suspended my gigs:frowning:

So, a vacation or pausing system would really help us sellers maintain ourselves healthy since everyone needs a vacation or a pause without having to suffer any consequences for taking some time off like it happens in the case of suspending gigs (we are humans after all, not robots, and I bet that the Fiverr team also have holidays and time off, but without suffering any consequences like we do here :frowning: )…


I was going to a trip and increased the delivery days but forgot to disable the fast delivery extra gig. Some customer made a order with the extra fast delivery and i had just 2 hours to make it when i got back home. Lucky that i made it. I could lost $45 that day. I think a pause button or something would be good.


Reply to @actressellen: Fiverr won’t probably do anything about it if only a bunch of sellers are facing these problems, so this thread should become an online petition (or something…), so the more people come in and second to this matter, the better chances we have of convincing fiverr that this is indeed a big problem that needs to be addressed :slight_smile:


I completely agree with you, Woofy31!

I recently took some days off for the Christmas holidays, and instead of suspending my gig, I extended my gig delivery time (from 2 days to 6 days). The result? Didn’t matter one bit! Buyers were still ordering, even with the long delivery time. As a matter of fact, I still have a 6 day delivery listed because every since Christmas, I’ve been trying to catch up from the gigs that came in while I was on vacation.

A pause feature would be heaven. Even now, I wish I had it so that I could pause for a day to catch up on the stack of gigs I have.

Please Fiverr, help us sellers out!



Gorungigs, I am always worried that one day I will forget to disable the rush option when I extend my delivery time to go on vacation! Again, another great reason to have a pause option!


How about a pause feature, so that when a buyer comes to your gig, and wants to order, when the click on order, it will say that "This gig is accepting orders, but your order will not be placed with the seller until…(the date you decide)"

That way the buyer can still order, you don’t lose any orders, and everyone is happy! :smiley:


Reply to @jetfumes: yep, that’s what I’ve also suggested, but there’s a little problem with this concept… you said that you don’t lose any orders, but you’re wrong, because many buyers won’t order anymore if you can’t deliver quickly, so if they see such a message they will walk away and turn to your competition instead… the bright side of the concept is that you don’t lose all your orders, but just some :wink:


Reply to @Woofy31: That is a consequence you have to take for “Taking time off” OR you can just hire someone to do the work for you while you are on Vacation!


Jetfumes, I love that idea! That’s similar to what system ebay has - where a buyer can buy an item, but it’s made very clear that it won’t ship until a certain date when the seller is back from vacation.


Seems like the suspend feature would never get used after implementing something like this. maybe they could tweak the suspend feature to not be so harsh?


Reply to @creativefate: you’re right, the suspend functionality would be useless, so it would be better to change the suspend to a “pause” functionality instead