A Peek at "Private Feedback" - What Gina Writes


Someone once said they wanted to know what the buyers write for private feedback. Well, I have no idea what anyone else writes, but with all the negativity lately; I thought I’d share just a few of the (Positive) Private Feedbacks I’ve written:

Private Feedback 1:
Amazing suggestions to my most difficult writing request yet. There is a reason why I keep going back to _____ for my editing. _____ gives me 3 for the price of 1 with line/developmental editing and proofreading. I get more for my money with better editing than any other platforms.

You need to be featuring or promoting this seller. You will have loads of extremely satisfied buyers coming back to 5r to buy other gigs after they’ve had a taste of the type of professionals that exist here.

Private Feedback 2:
I wish I could be this artistically talented! I sent this seller line drawings of squares and circles. ___ gave me back the “wow” factor as usual. I am always amazed at the creativity and how ___ is able to produce these magnificent work.

Sellers like ___ is the reason why buyers get hooked on 5r and end up buying from other sellers. ____ should be on first page. Afterall, a satisfied customer is a repeat customer.

Private Feedback 3:
As I wrote in the review, I throw a bunch of stock photos that I like and fill out the requirements. I never have any idea what I want, I just know what I like. The seller puts these unrelated pictures and it’s like magic. The product I get back REALLY is a work of art.

Even the lettering: the style, color and the font are appropriate for the type of book! I love this seller! If you haven’t noticed, I always tip because __ deserves it! Hint, hint: First page of search function!

Private Feedback 4:
Translation is one of the hardest thing to evaluate because I have no idea if what I get back is accurate or not. I work with someone married to a native – that used to be a teacher. She told me the writing was flawless and extremely well done. She was surprised how little I paid to get such great work done!

This seller is a genuine deal! Another reason why I love 5r. ____ is your money maker who will have lines of buyers waiting to spend money here!

I’m not posting all because some of you have already stopped reading by now! :relaxed:


Does the private feedback really get read by Fiverr?

Have you ever been reached out from Fiverr regarding a PM you sent?



#Darn Gina, EPIC feedbacks! :thumbsup:


LOVE YOU GINA… :heart_eyes:
That’s just an awesome thing to read before my cheek hit the pillow. :smile:


Yes. Oh my god. Yes.

I had a 5-star positive feedback from a buyer. He wrote in the private feedback:

“Gig would be better if he sped up deliveries”

I then got an account warning. This was enough for the Fiverr trust & safety team to go through the whole order. When I delivered it, I said “I have given you 200 extra words to make up for the delay and being a good customer”. I then got an account warning for ‘bribery’. He would have given me a 5-star rating anyway as he was a regular customer. I just included those 200-words out of the goodness of my heart.


I’ve asked that before on the forum. It’s apparently top secret info. I’ve had sellers appear on page one day after I write a feedback, but that could be all coincidence. I typically don’t go searching.

I do seem to get more spam emails from 5r after I leave a P. F. than when I don’t.

To answer your question: No, I’ve never been directly reached out by a 5r staff. :frowning:


It took over 3 weeks for them to check the ‘private feedback’ I received to give me the account warning. The front page is probably a coincidence.


Dang, that’s rough!

I had no idea. I’ll choose my words wisely. Thanks for the head up. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your reply @gina_riley2 and for creating this valuable thread. :slight_smile:

I looked at it as a “meh.” But I guess I was wrong! And thank you @ryangillam


Even after you mutually cancel an order, the not-buyer-anymore can still leave private feedback, which really worries me as it’s open to any and all abuses. Unfair design, as these should not leave feedback anywhere!

Think about that buyer who forces you to do extra stuff, you don’t agree and they don’t want to pay more, then they threaten to leave negative, then you manage to cancel - imagine what sort of private feedback they’d leave, and the consequences of that! :disappointed:

P.S. how do I know that non-buyers can leave feedback after cancelling? I’ve had a few cancellations because of the buyers’ mistakes, and they contacted me saying that they’ve written feedback to Fiverr that it was their faults and not mine. Imagine the shock I had hearing that they can do that :scream:

(on the other side, my brain is going hot right now thinking how to get one of those amazing Gina-feedbacks :smiley: you rock as a buyer, @gina_riley2 , and you make Fiverr proud to have you as their buyer)


Shocked. Interesting. Let me do some research.


That’s really unfair if those who cancel or those we cancel are able to leave private feedback.

There is always a good reason they get canceled and sometimes it’s due to wanting too much for $5. Then they are mad when they are cancelled.


It´s not an ‘if’, I can confirm what Woofy said, I had a buyer some months ago who asked me to cancel an order because he had no use of the work I was going to do for him anymore. I had no problem with that as I hadn´t really started on it yet, and he told me afterwards that he left a good review for me, the private one. I was shocked as well, because it is wide open to abuse.


They could make up something or complain bitterly simply for us canceling them due to
them placing an order that was out of line with what we are selling. I’m not sure what the consequences of that are, or if it is acted on in some way.


I would hope that, in the case of a really bad private review, they´d look at the whole conversation/interaction and take that into account for their ‘weighting’ of the review, so they’d see that you told them they ordered something not covered in your gig (and, ideally, would check your gig so they knew you were right). But with the amount of cancellations going on every day probably, I can´t even guess if it´s done for all bad reviews or just every 10th bad review per seller or whatever and if it´s more than a cursory glance.


Guys… i m sorry… I m not new to fiverr. but I m new to fiverr forum// so can you Please tell me what are these private feedback??? and where can I see them???



It´s feedback buyers can leave in addition to the public feedback (the one you see on your gig), privately, meaning only Fiverr can see it. Gina just shared some examples of private feedback she wrote for some of her sellers here with us, for some positive vibes for the forum. :green_heart:


Oh… OK… Thank you very much for telling me that… :slight_smile:


I would hope that they also look at the years of stellar reputations of some sellers and see that one bad review is an extreme aberration, and more likely to be something so out of the ordinary as to be not believable. :slight_smile:


Not much of a choice, huh? :smiley:

But yeah, joke aside, private feedback after cancellation is unfair, and I cannot agree with this kind of design or decision. OK, maybe this would be fair for newbies or those who abuse the cancellation system (maybe that’s why this whole private feedback was implemented?), but letting any buyer write unfair/misleading private feedback to sellers who have track records and don’t lack professionalism, that’s the wrong decision.

IMHO :smiley: